Reference requests

The ICA holds records for candidates who have taken any of our qualifications.

There is a charge of £50 (+VAT where applicable) for this service. Please select the correct Location Country below and then click on the reference request button. This will show the currency fee and give you the option to add to cart and then continue or go to checkout. The details that you fill in there will be your own and the company paying the bill, they should not be the candidate details unless you are the candidate.

Please note that the ICA is only able to release information on qualifications and membership to persons authorised to request the information.

Third parties requesting information on a candidate's behalf will need to provide a signed copy of our consent form to authorise the release of their personal information.

You can download the reference request consent form here.

Once you have made payment, the team will reach out to you within 48 hours via ICA Service Desk email to request the consent form and any other information we require to process your booking.  

You should expect to receive the reference by email within 5 working days of the payment/receipt of signed consent form.

Please note that the assessment mailbox is no longer managed, and any queries sent there will not be actioned. 

Please note that this service is specifically to verify qualifications. Please complete the Contact Us form with requests to verify membership of the ICA.