ICA Continuous Competence: Elevate your teams’ performance every single day

“Employees forget as much as 80% of training after 30 days”

When you deploy training in your business, you are aiming to achieve the same level of baseline knowledge in all trained employees. But how are you testing the effectiveness of that training other than at a snapshot in time?

ICA Continuous Competence is a game-changing, intelligent solution that enhances employee competence through ongoing adaptive learning, personalised development paths and real-time competency assessments.

ICA Continuous competdnce

Simple to implement. Super secure.

We take your training content and create a bank of real-world and scenario-based questions that are drip-fed over time to your employees through award-winning AI that will enhance competence and behavioural change.

We create enjoyable learning that is accessible on multiple devices for learning anytime, anywhere. We are proud to be ISO 27001 accredited and FEDRAMP compliant so you will be in safe hands.

ICA Continuous Competence

Adaptive learning

  • Tailored content based on individual learning styles
  • Dynamic questions that adapt to an individuals’ pace and proficiency

Personalised learning experiences

  • A customised learning journey for each user identifying strengths and weaknesses
  • Goal-oriented questions that align with career objectives

Real-time ongoing competence assessments

  • Daily evaluation of understanding and skills
  • Instant feedback to track progress and identify areas for improvement

Drive organisational excellence

Empower your workforce with continuous learning. Foster a culture of innovation and expertise within your organisation.

Evidence competence every single day

Move beyond measuring training completion; focus on evaluating and ensuring competence through continuous assessment.

Increase ROI from training

Ensure a higher return from your training initiatives by combating forgetfulness. Improves knowledge from 54% to 89% on average.

Save on refresher training costs

Combat knowledge fade and save money on refresher training by maintaining constant competence.

Embed a genuine culture of compliance

Deliver the right outcomes for your customers by supporting your team in developing the right behaviours.

Visibility on business risks

Gain visibility on potential risks in your business, allowing for targeted interventions and proactive risk management.

Discover the power of ICA Continuous Competence – where competence is not just achieved but sustained every day.

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“This guarantees that all our people have learned what they’ve been trained. From a compliance perspective, I would find it very difficult to evidence where our knowledge and competency was without it.”

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“This platform answered our challenge. How do we stay compliant whilst demonstrating continuity for our people in how they are supported. The AI is playing a crucial role in driving both these fronts globally across customer facing divisions and our support functions.”

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