“The team received valuable feedback and found the session to be very constructive.”

Client Q&A

1. You undertook some 'Train the Trainers' training with ICA. How did your team find the training and how will it help your team in their roles?

The team really enjoyed the session they had with ICA. They received valuable feedback from ICA trainers and found the session to be very constructive.

Initially, FinTrU trainers will help to train and develop our internal teams. Looking forward, we hope to be able to train our clients’ staff to ICA standards, further enhanced by our knowledge of the clients’ policies and systems to bring added value.

In fact, we are delighted to report that since the ‘Train the Trainers’ session, FinTrU now has qualified ICA trainers who can deliver learning for a range of ICA courses.

2. How is technology changing the role of the modern compliance and financial crime prevention professional?

FinTrU has SMEs who work with our technology department to identify where tech can enhance the fight against financial crime. We believe that technology will never replace the need to have compliance expertise, but it will work hand in hand with us to help us do our jobs better and focus our attention on the right things.

Modern compliance teams will be made up of people with varying skillsets but there will be an enhanced focus on data science and technical competency, though this will never replace the value that experience brings.

3. How do you see the industry evolving into the future? What are the top three trends that you think will be here to stay in the next three to five years?

Further automation and tech enhancement, which will lead to increased quality, integration and throughput across the regulatory space.

Decentralised finance (DeFi), including cryptocurrencies and virtual assets, are not going away anytime soon. However, there are still some scepticism and concerns from regulators and compliance officers. It will be interesting to see how state-backed virtual assets changes this perception.

ESG will be an area of focus, affecting various departments within financial services institutions. Much needed change is welcome and it will be good to see corporations being held to account through reporting, standards, etc.

Finally, we need to increase the focus on integrity and personal conduct – more emphasis on the tone from within than tone from the top.

4. Do you plan to work with ICA in the future?

FinTrU chose ICA as a primary training provider for our KYC and compliance professionals. Our partnership is continuing to evolve and develop, now affording select FinTrU employees to become ICA accredited trainers in-house. We look forward to continue. 

5. Who is FinTrU and what products and services do you offer?

FinTrU is a multi-award-winning technologically enabled regulatory solutions company, specialising in the areas of KYC, compliance, legal, risk & controls and operations. We are based in Northern Ireland with offices in London, Dublin, New York, and Maastricht.