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    24 October 2017

    Stepping up the fight against cybercrime in Switzerland

    Privacy and Switzerland are often seen as synonymous, and whilst Switzerland is no longer seen as a secrecy haven, protecting client data is still a badge of honour for the country. Data protection law in Switzerland has a level of protection like that of the EU Data Protection Directive, and in some respects, is reported to even go beyond EU Law, especially in relation to the protection of data pertaining to legal entities. But in an age of cyber-enabled crime, can Switzerland ensure that data is secure?....More

    Words by Sarah Reynolds

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    28 September 2017

    Are Bitcoin addresses shell companies in disguise?

    Anonymity, discretion and confidentiality: terminology often associated with shell companies incorporated in jurisdictions with high secrecy laws. However, does the virtual economy – notably Bitcoin, the de facto currency of choice – facilitate the very same mechanisms that criminals attempt to abuse? This brief article will explore some of the key similarities between a shell company and a Bitcoin address, with a view to answering the question ‘Are Bitcoin addresses shell companies in disguise?’....More

    Words by Kane Pepi

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    22 September 2017

    New York: Leading the fight against crime

    New York has been capturing the imagination and the attention of the world for well over 100 years. It’s a city like no other; its intoxicating pull is felt by both residents and non-residents alike. It has also long been a source of inspiration for those looking to fight crime: in the Superhero world, Marvel’s Spiderman, The Avengers and The Defenders all call New York home. Some people believe that Metropolis and Gotham, home to Superman and Batman, are also based on New York.....More

    Words by Simone Jones

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    19 January 2017

    Ireland, Technology and Integrity

    A large number of global information, communication and technology (ICT) companies are based in Ireland.....More

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    17 December 2015

    Cyber security, an ongoing concern for 2016

    With the rising cost of data breaches and the rising volume of attacks, cyber security was one of the highest profile issues facing businesses in 2015. Cyber attacks are currently believed to cost business anywhere between $400-500bn a year and show little sign of abating.....More

    Words by James Thomas

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    2 November 2015

    TalkTalk hack raises important questions about regulation and data protection

    The details that have emerged since the 21 October cyber attack on TalkTalk raise some serious questions not only for the broadband provider itself but for any business holding sensitive customer information.....More

    Words by James Thomas

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    17 January 2013

    Countering the threat of cybercrime (1)

    Can traditional risk management frameworks protect a firm from the ever increasing cyber threat? What role do financial crime systems and controls, requirements, business continuity, data loss prevention and traditional fraud prevention techniques play in the defence against sophisticated and targeted cyber attacks?....More

    Words by Andy Caines

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    26 November 2012

    Cybercrime goes commercial

    How some websites are using a combination of crowd sourcing, Cloud services and Internet marketing techniques to sell illegal system access and other criminal cyber services online.....More

    Words by Mark Johnson

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    14 September 2012

    The Tortoise and the Hare - Why speed may be less important than awareness when it comes to truly effective cyber security

    A Jumbo Jet only travels fifty times faster than a horse and buggy.....More

    Words by Mark Johnson

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    10 May 2012

    The A to Z of Safe Children Online (free PDF copy)

    I recently delivered a presentation in Stockholm to corporate staff on the risks arising from poor social media use. During the Q&A I was asked about guidance for parents and teachers in relation to child online activities. The audience, drawn from a leading Swedish high-tech firm, told me that an estimated 50% of Swedish three-year-olds are regular Internet users with their own online identity in some shape or form. I found this statistic alarming.....More

    Words by Mark Johnson

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    11 April 2012

    Why education and training is so important for the financial services sector

    After 40 years teaching and training in universities and professional bodies, I was recently asked a question by a student about how, after so much time, it was possible to maintain keenness and enthusiasm about the subject matter of the class.....More

    Words by Bill Howarth

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    13 March 2012

    Digital Criminal 2012: CyberSafety Report

    TRMG has been working with Legal and General to produce that firm’s Digital Criminal 2012: CyberSafety report. One of the report’s key findings is that criminals are targeting social media users online by setting up fake profiles, ‘friending’ potential targets and then tricking them into giving up sensitive personal information. The information gleaned in this manner is being used to commit identity theft, fraud and to plan burglaries.....More

    Words by Mark Johnson


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