Our qualifications help compliance professionals develop relevant knowledge and best practice for operating within the fields of governance, risk and compliance, financial crime prevention and anti money laundering (AML). Awarded in conjunction with the Alliance Manchester Business School, The University of Manchester, you can be assured that you are studying for a worthwhile qualification that is the benchmark of excellence.

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6 tips to help you on your study journey

You have enrolled onto your new ICA training course, printed your training manual, and are now eager to start studying and learning immediately. This is how to get more out of your study journey in 6 easy steps....More

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What I learned during my year as a student

At International Compliance Training we try always to underline the virtues of learning. To show you that we practice what we preach, I want to share my own experience as a student over the last twelve months.

Interpreting ICA Assignment Feedback

Ping. Here’s the email – the mark for your ICA Advanced Certificate or Diploma assignment is now available. Gulp. Time to access the ICA website. Let’s look at the two main scenarios that tend to unfold.......More

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5 top tips for ICA exams

These tips were published originally in 2013 but have recently been revised. We hope you find them useful!

Do you have an exam strategy?

You may not have even thought about a strategy for your ICA exam yet but having just sat an examination myself, I thought I would share my experiences.....More

What does it mean to be Professional Member of the ICA?

For many people membership of the ICA is a natural progression after successfully completing an ICA diploma. Becoming a Professional Member of the ICA brings certain benefits such as access to our quarterly journal, inCOMPLIANCE; continued access to the ICA website and the wealth of resource it contains; discounts at various trade events and conferences… and of course the professional designation ‘MICA’. But what does professional membership say about you?

Writing ICA assignments - 5 top tips

Here at ICT we recognise that the assignment and exam process can be a challenge, particularly if you haven’t studied in a while and are also trying to get to grips with the subject matter. So we try our best to help.....More

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5 top tips on how to approach your ICA exam

The way you approach an exam can have a massive impact on the outcome. Subject matter knowledge is crucial but this is only half the battle. You’ve studied the course for months, digested the wider reading and put the effort into completing the assignments. Now you want to pass with the highest score you can, achieve the certification and put all you have learned into practice. Here are five tips that will help you achieve your goal.

Top 5 common mistakes made in ICA exams

Last November I wrote a popular blog on Top 5 tips for ICA exams so I thought it would be worth following this up with some more useful guidance.....More

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Friday FAQs - What are the pass rates for ICA qualifications?

If I have completed a previous ICA qualification will I be exempt from any modules on further qualifications?

12 useful tips for approaching your ICA exam

We are now getting into exam season for many Advanced Certificate and Diploma candidates and it can be a stressful time especially for those who haven’t sat a formal exam in years. Below is a list of useful tips that will help you approach your exam with more confidence. Much of it has been gathered from examiners' feedback based on common issues that crop up time and time again.....More

Can I bring my laptop? Unusual requests in ICA exams

Most ICA exams we invigilate go off without a hitch, but every now and then someone throws us a curveball question or comment that renders a little bit more thought than ‘how long is left’?

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