The Future of AML

Written by International Compliance Association on Monday April 3, 2023

It’s time to take stock: What is the future of AML? From the rise of public to public and public to private partnerships, the explosion in regulatory tech options and the emergence of ESG, new issues and opportunities abound.

New arenas such as the Metaverse, the continual evolution of virtual assets and the rise of new players in financial services also raise questions.

What about organised crime and professional money launderers, how are they evolving? Is it also time for AML efforts to focus more on the underlying predicate criminal activity at source rather than just focussing on following the money?

ICA’s latest report, entitled ‘The Future of AML’, provides a range of perspectives on the challenges and opportunities within anti money laundering in the context of the contributors’ role, their firm, and the jurisdiction in which they operate. 

Download the report ►

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