Meet an ICA Member: Muhammad Rizwan Khan

Written by #MeetAnICAMember on Thursday September 6, 2018

Due to the increasing number of people looking to move careers or begin a career in compliance, anti-money laundering and financial crime prevention, we’ve invited some of our members to share their experiences to help our students, practitioners and other like-minded professionals understand the journey and direction they could take throughout their career.


Rizwan Khan has contributed towards anti money laundering (AML) for last two decades and relies on his vast policing experience when speaking to various groups. He is one of the innovators of the Risk and Compliance Management Professional, Proceeds of Crime Programme and associated as the chief risk officer at the Premier International Exchange in Dubai, UAE. This is in addition to being an investigator and undercover operator at some of the highest organised crime levels throughout his career.


Khan’s articles have been published in numerous academic international compliance forums and he is recognised as one of the world’s leading compliance experts. His writing on money laundering was much appreciated amongst the global AML and compliance professionals community (these have included ‘Special Contributor Resource – A template for Enhanced Due Diligence involving Corporate Customers’, and the Contributor Report: ‘When Responding to Regulatory, Investigative Inquiries, be Thorough, Timely’).



Let's find out more...


Q: How long you worked in compliance for? What has changed since you first started to now?


I have been associated with the corporate industry of financial crime fighting for over 25 years as a compliance professional, with a focus on financial crime and independent money laundering reviews for the money service business industry and banks. My expertise also includes independent reviews and investigations, threat/risk assessments, domestic and international training, expert testimony and anti money laundering programme development. I am very passionate about compliance as every day is a new day for learning. Investigatory work and being associated with AML training and consultancy for the regulated sector is something very motivating for me. I’m still very much involved in the fight against money laundering and its effect on private industry.


Q: How did you land your first role? Was it chance for calling?


When I started my career, I was assigned by my manager to handle regulatory audit and after going through the whole process I was inclined to begin my journey in compliance.


Q: What do you find enjoyable about your role?


The diversity of the work that I undertake undoubtedly brings me the greatest amount of enjoyment. As I am certified financial crime specialist, the investigation aspect of the business offers all of the usual challenges which I still thrive on, and ensures that I’m aware of the latest trends and methodology employed by people who are concerned with this type of criminal activity.


Q: What attributes do you think are important for a career in compliance?


Honesty (transparency), responsibility, competence, passion, hard work and obsession are the core elements necessary to working in compliance.


Q: What advice do you have for a fledgling compliance professional?


I can advise that the ICA is a unique platform which provides great opportunities for compliance professionals to enhance their skills. The area of compliance which is covered under an ICA course has lots of potential and all compliance courses are diversified. Those associated with the compliance community really should join this forum to enhance their skills.


Q: Tell us your best piece of life advice?

Always have the spirit to accept mistakes and try to work hard – it never goes waste!


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