The World Cup of Corruption: Part 1

Written by Jake Plenderleith on Thursday June 14, 2018


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This video forms part of the #BigCompConvo - Join us as we explore and debate the latest challenges and issues facing you and regulatory and financial crime compliance professionals all over the world. If you’d like to contribute an article as part of the Big Compliance Conversation get in touch with us at






Global business and regulatory risks of bribery and other forms of corruption.

Across the world existing anti-corruption legislation is being revised and strengthened, new legislation is being promulgated and even laws enacted in other countries can have a direct impact on your organisation. Citizens around the globe are demanding that their political leaders be held to a higher standard of ethical conduct.

The extent of the challenge facing legislators and leaders in the public and private sectors requires that the problem of corruption is approached from a multi-disciplinary perspective.

This means that anti-corruption is becoming a critical field of knowledge required and the ICA Specialist Certificate in Anti-Corruption will offer specialist knowledge that sets you apart from your peers and positions you to contribute positively in an area of significant global concern. You can find out more about ICA qualifications here


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