Be a learn-it-all

Written by Sarah Reynolds on Monday September 4, 2017


'It is better to know how to learn than to know’ – Dr Seuss.

Having a growth mindset

CEO Satya Nadella made the news last year when he revealed the secret of improved culture at Microsoft over the last few years has been down to the embracing of a learn-it-all culture.

But what is the meaning of learn-it-all and how is it different from being a know-it-all?

Well for starters, it does not mean that you are expected to learn it all (‘all’ being ‘everything, ever’). Instead it is about being continually curious, excited by constant discovery and innovation. Learning should not be finite but an attitude, an open mindedness to be interested in it all.



It is not just the computer giant that is focusing on its learning culture. Google’s recruitment strategy is to employ ‘learning animals’ and Adobe, keen to ‘nurture a learn-it-all culture’, launched its first ever Learning and Development expo in San Jose and San Francisco earlier this year during which employees’ learning and development was front and centre.


The benefits of learning

As individuals living busy, hectic lifestyles, learning is probably not something that’s sits especially high on our to-do lists; but in not doing so are we missing out on something both personally and professionally?

To grow both personally and in our professional lives requires that we keep on growing and learning long after our formal education is complete.

There are numerous benefits to continuous learning:

  • it is good for self-esteem and confidence
  • you may meet new people and establish valuable relationships
  • it helps us adapt to change
  • it provides access to new and different opportunities
  • you may improve your work experience and potentially earn more money from learning a new or appropriate skill or developing a skill that links to the work you undertake
  • the more we’re able to know and the more skills we acquire, the more value we can offer to our employers or potential employers.

If we stop learning, we run the risk of stagnating both professionally and personally. So why not switch your focus; instead of thinking of yourself as an expert, think of yourself as a student, no matter what level of work or stage of your life you are at.

With the speed of change in the ever-changing landscape of regulatory compliance, we can’t possibly be complacent and stop learning; as it is essential for staying up-to-date in a continually-evolving world.

How can ICA help?

ICA can help you increase your knowledge and skills as a compliance professional. The evolution of the role of the compliance function has mirrored the evolution of regulation. Compliance is now viewed as an integral part of the business and positively influences many key decisions affecting firms or even just a single customer.

We provide a wealth of knowledge, tools, resources and practical support to compliance professionals at all stages of their career. Working with you, we make sure that as a learn-it-all you can respond to even the most complex of challenges.

ICA's internationally recognised qualifications in compliance are suitable for all levels of knowledge and experience.

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