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What does it mean to be Professional Member of the ICA?

Written by Jo Lewis on Thursday March 20, 2014

For many people membership of the ICA is a natural progression after successfully completing an ICA diploma. Becoming a Professional Member of the ICA brings certain benefits such as access to our quarterly journal, inCOMPLIANCE; continued access to the ICA website and the wealth of resource it contains; discounts at various trade events and conferences… and of course the professional designation ‘MICA’. But what does professional membership say about you?

Anyone can claim to be a professional. We generally use it to define a job someone does for a living, such as a professional footballer. But in terms of the sphere in which ICA operates, it is important that a certain level of credibility is affiliated with the word ‘professional’.

ICA membership provides just that. Firstly it shows that you are educated to a certain level and that you have specialism in the field of AML/compliance/financial crime prevention.  In most cases the Diploma is completed alongside your job and provides practical tools and relevant knowledge to enable you to perform at a high level within your firm. Secondly it demonstrates your commitment to high standards. When you become a Professional Member you agree to abide by the ICA Code of Ethics. You promise to act using the highest levels of integrity, diligence and professionalism.
After 5 years’ of professional membership, members can apply for Fellowship of the ICA and use the designation ‘FICA; Certified Professional’ which denotes the highest level of competence & achievement.

In summary being a member of the ICA, a global community, is a mark of prestige that demonstrates to your peers, your employer and regulators a standard of excellence in your professional career.

Find out more about becoming an ICA member here


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