Stranger than Fiction

Written by Dave Robson on Wednesday October 16, 2013

As you will know if you’ve been reading this blog for the last year or so, I’m not averse to the odd film reference. I also have an interest in some of the subcultures we highlight in our courses.

So I thought I’d combine the two and draft a plot for a film. Picture the classic Container Port scene in Heat and you’re on the right track.

Scene One

It’s a warehouse. At night time. Probably stormy.

Cut to gang of International Criminals sat around a table. They are hatching a plot to ship cocaine, heroin, guns and cash into Europe.

They decide they are going to base themselves in Holland and target the port of Antwerp, Belgium. They will hide cocaine and heroin among legitimate cargoes, including timber and bananas shipped in containers from South America.

But they have a problem.

How will they get past port security?

Scene Two

One of them is newer school than the others. Computer savvy.

He knows of a “freelance marketplace” on the internet where groups with specific requirements can make contact with “IT Specialists” who will be able to assist them. With the permission of the Group, he will make contact.

Scene Three

Cut to a split screen phone conversation. The criminal from the warehouse relays the Groups requirements.

Hacker team: ‘Yes, we can definitely help with that… you get the crates to Antwerp and get ready to collect them. We’ll let you know what time/when. Leave what happens in between to us.”

Scene Four

Timeshift montage: the hackers employed by the Group attack the Port computer systems over two key phases:

  1. malicious software is emailed to staff, allowing the organised crime group to access data remotely
  2. when the initial breach is discovered and a firewall installed to prevent further attacks, the hackers break into the premises and fitted key-logging devices onto computers.

This allows them to gain wireless access to keystrokes typed by staff, as well as screen grabs from their monitors.

Potentially they are shown avoiding the lasers from burglar alarm systems, a la Mission Impossible.

Scene Five

The breach allows the hacker team to access secure data - giving them the location and security details of the specific containers used by the Group.

The Group can send in their lorry drivers to steal the cargo before the legitimate owner arrives to collect the genuine goods being transported.

Engines rev, tyres squeal and away they go.

Final Scene

Belgian Police discover a container full of bananas dumped on the side of a road just outside Antwerp….

Possibly insert a Schwarzenegger inspired bad one- liner about ‘someone has made a slip-up’.

Release date?

So there we have it.

I don’t have an agent, I can take calls directly Mr Spielberg, Lucas or Bruckheimer…

(phone rings)

“What? What do you mean this isn’t original?”


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