Enhanced Due Diligence – CDD on Steroids?

Written by Anthony Beckett on Wednesday March 21, 2012

But could it generate career opportunities in compliance roles  in Jersey?

Or, as John Harris, Director General of the Jersey Financial Services Commission (JFSC) quoted in his speech at the November 2011 Jersey Economic and Financial Crime Symposium:“Client Due Diligence (CDD) Plus Plus”

Either way fantastic quotes!

Mr Harris also quoted:

“The issues boil down to culture and that firms must embed a culture of awareness,vigilance and scepticism”

“Firms must invest in expertise, training and infrastructure to effectively manage these risks and help ensure that we all rest easy at the end of the day.”

So the Director General of the JFSC agrees with my previous blog! The best tool for anybody involved with CDD (or any steroid enhanced version) remains the “Smell Test"

Couple his remarks with the consultation paper from the JFSC on CDD Measures (also produced in November) then if anybody is looking for a job I suggest that you take a look at a compliance role in Jersey.  There are going to be a number of institutions looking for high quality compliance staff. If you are interested then it would be well worth keeping your eyes open.

Having worked in Jersey for three years myself until recently I can also recommend it as a place to live.

Consider too how impressed any prospective financial institution would look at your CV with the initials MICA after your name. MICA - Member of the International Compliance Association (ICA).


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