Diploma in Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG)

As a leader in ESG, you need to anticipate investors’ questions before they are asked, manage the associated risks, and implement an appropriate ESG framework that will operate across the organisation.

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Course details

We have partnered with the Corporate Governance Institute to bring you this qualification that gives you the practical tools and techniques to become a qualified ESG leader.

  • Differentiate yourself as an informed leader with in-demand ESG skills and knowledge
  • Be clear about the opportunities ESG provides and how to take advantage of these
  • Learn from experienced leaders in ESG to become a leader who can quickly adapt to change


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What will I learn?

  • The origins of ESG
  • The evolving ESG landscape
  • Exploring ESG investing
  • ESG and the role of the board
  • Integrating ESG into business strategy
  • Best practice in ESG and risk management
  • ESG and data quality: why it matters
  • The importance of governance in ESG
  • Best practice in ESG reporting
  • Leading ESG transformation in your organisation

Course format

  • Online, self-paced
  • 10 modules
  • Two assessments with objective questions (e.g. multiple choice)
  • Each module features a global expert in ESG who provides a unique perspective on the topics from a practitioner’s point of view. These speakers are experts in their field at leadership level

Is this course right for me?

Designed to demystify and define what it means to be a leader in ESG, this course covers key concepts in ESG all the way through to in-depth analysis. You will develop your own personal brand as an ESG leader.

The case studies are real-world, practical and full of insights. Your resulting qualification is globally recognised.

This diploma is ideal for directors, sustainability leaders and anyone who wants to make a positive impact in their organisation, society and the environment.