Student and Member testimonials

I signed up for the International Diploma in Financial Crime Prevention in 2013. The course was both engaging, hard work, with much research and reading into global issues, but was also a great opportunity to network.

I am now studying the Post Graduate Diploma on Governance, Risk and Compliance, and meeting Heads of Risk, Compliance and MLROs of well-known international firms, and my learning experience continues.

I recommend this training to any up and coming executive looking for a career in the area of Risk or Compliance.

MICA, Director of Enforcement, Guernsey Financial Services Commission

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It has given me the confidence that things I'm doing are justified. It has brought me up to date with new legislation and also introduced me to a whole new network of people that have a common interest.

Simon Johnson, Fraud Risk Auditor

The Diploma provides not only good foundation to the AML related procedures, but also a widely recognized qualification. And perhaps even more importantly, a great way of networking.

Dip (AML), Senior Risk and Compliance Manager

The qualification filled in gaps in my knowledge especially regarding the legal and regulatory frameworks. Also filled in gaps regarding typologies in business areas and products/services with which I wasn't familiar. I found the workshops useful for support from the tutor and other students. They also helped to bring the course materials to life.

Dip (AML), Financial Crime Risk Quality Assurance Lead

This Course is tough. It tests your basic knowledge and challenges you to broaden your thinking, your perspective beyond your work environment. I learned so much and whilst Compliance can be regarded as a stuffy subject, it demonstrated to me just how sophisticated the world has become. This is hard work - but very rewarding.

Steve Shipp, Dip (GRC), Head of Platform Risk

High quality content and very enjoyable learning experience. Excellent teachers who were very knowledgeable and engaging. They promoted the candidates to step out of their comfort zone and provide real life scenarios.

James Roche, Dip (GRC), Regional Integrity Manager

To be professional, recognised with an academic qualification for the knowledge I use to undertake my current role is both rewarding and satisfying.

Mark Watt, Dip (FCP)

An excellent course, which is extremely relevant to any role in business compliance, particularly those working directly with client due diligence and looking at business risk.

Guy Hardill, Dip (FCP), Compliance Associate

Taking the ICA Diploma in Anti-Money Laundering has greatly increased my knowledge of financial crime and has given me an understanding of the obligations placed on the regulated sector and the reasons why policies are in place. I have no doubt that this qualification has increased my knowledge for use within my current role and future career development. I would definitely recommend this course to anyone who works within the financial sector and financial crime.  

Sarah Bradshaw, Dip (AML)

The training delivered is exemplary and I would strongly recommend the diploma level qualifications for those working or looking to work in the industry.

Richard Kides, Compliance Manager

The professionalism, service and attention to detail I have received has been excellent and has meant that in addition to the learning I have gained from the workshops and tutors (who were also first class) I have already recommended courses to colleagues and friends in similar roles at other firms through yourselves.

Jamie Grzesiczek, Compliance Officer

This course provided me with valuable knowledge of the depth of the financial industry looking at historic and current events across the world. The tutors delivered the training in a very informative and engaging way and the recap of the studies each lesson ensured the information retained ready for the assignment and examination. A valuable course for a career in compliance.

Selina Parrish, Compliance Advisor

If you are looking to learn more about financial Fraud, excite yourself in academic writing and have fun at the same time, then here is your unique opportunity.

Immaculata Ndey, Vetting Agent

Ultimately the knowledge I was gaining as I went through the qualification was vital to me in my new role. It gave me the greater understanding I needed to not just support and challenge the business more effectively but also challenge our processes and output in the compliance function.

The qualification has helped me achieve more than was expected of me in my role and take my knowledge beyond what is expected of someone so new in the compliance function.

MICA, Compliance Monitoring Officer, Simplyhealth, Hampshire

In late 2012, I made a progressive career move and joined GoldMoney, a market-leader in providing a platform for customers to purchase and store precious metals online. With no past experience in finance or even a hint of what regulation means, I began my training as a Relationship Manager. 

The workshops were definitely helpful as they allowed me to further appreciate the type of risks financial businesses can be exposed to. When you learn about real examples of poor conduct, you can instantly see how these might affect yourself directly.

I’m glad that I had found the right course from ICA to develop and harness this confidence.

MICA, Customer Risk Analyst, Net Transactions (Jersey) Limited, Hong Kong

As a qualified chartered surveyor and portfolio manager for a real estate fund, a career in compliance wasn’t even a fuzzy dot on my career horizon. But the financial crisis happened, the regulatory environment evolved and my firm found itself having to think about regulation and compliance for the first time in Europe. The initial project work was an interesting addition to my day job but it became apparent that we needed to embed compliance into our business, create an in-house, full time function, and find somebody who understood the business well enough to marry compliance to it. That role was offered to me. Such a dramatic career change was quite daunting but, knowing that regulation was only going to increase, also an interesting opportunity.


I knew the business well, but I didn’t have any academic rigour or breadth of compliance experience. Having looked at various courses on offer I chose to enrol on the ICA Professional PgDip in Governance, Risk and Compliance. This is one of the few courses that is aimed at higher level professionals, so is taught and examined in a manner which is compatible with a demanding job. It also offers a wide range of topics, providing the participant with a structure of how to think about governance, risk and compliance issues, and the skills to then respond in the best way for the individual business. In addition, the fellow participants come from a broad range of sectors, bringing a variety of different viewpoints to the invigorating workshop discussions, and creating a diverse network of peers for the future.

FICA, Head of European Compliance Hines Europe, London

My career changed focus when I moved from being a forensic accountant, providing consulting services for investigations, litigation support and corruption allegations to taking a position at Baker Hughes within their internal audit department as a forensic auditor.  The course has assisted with my transition from an investigator to a role that assessed risk and provided recommendations to my organization to deter financial crime.

While I had knowledge of how to investigate an allegation of financial crime, the course provided a good foundation of financial crime prevention, outlining risks and tools that could be utilized to deter financial crime in my industry.  It also provided a good overview of the history and current information on the international organisations and standards adopted to combat financial crime in the regions in which we operate.  As my role assessed our risks globally, it was useful to understand how a country’s legislation, local initiatives and prosecution effectiveness can impact deterrence controls or measures within my organization.

As a professional on the move, the materials and support were easily accessible.  The option to only sit the exam gave me the flexibility to complete this course without being in one location.  To date I have continued to use the tools in my role accessible as a member. 

MICA, Senior Forensic Audit Manager, Baker Hughes

Why did I study for the International Compliance Association ‘ICA’ qualification? It was December 2008, I was the Manager of Corporate Services at Butterfield Trust (Bahamas) Limited. The Vice President and Head of Fiduciary Service (my Boss) asked if I would like the challenge of heading a newly created department – Fiduciary Risk. One of the core roles of the new department was to ensure timely completion of AML/CFT and fiduciary risk assessments and reviews on clients. At that time in my career, I held an Associate Degree in Accounting and a Bachelor Degree in Business Management from The College of The Bahamas. I also held the STEP Diploma in International Trust Management and was TEP certified. My response was, ‘If I agree to head this department, will you approve me to undertake risk related studies. My Boss agreed the company would fund the cost, and during my goal setting for 2009, having completed my research, I selected the ICA program which included the Diploma in Anti Money Laundering and the International Diploma in Compliance.

The ICA program is in association with the University of Manchester, Manchester Business School, it is well structured, facilitated by local industry professionals, the class sizes were small and the meeting schedule was conducive to my busy work and home life. I concluded the AML Diploma in 2009 and the International Diploma in Compliance in 2010.

The impact of having the ICA qualification was pivotal to my career path and development. One of the bench mark qualifying standards in The Bahamas, the Caribbean region and around the world for those holding the post of Compliance Officer and Money Laundering Reporting Officers is the ICA designation. In late 2010 when the position of Compliance Officer & MLRO became available at Butterfield Bahamas, I held one of the qualifying standards of competence required by the Regulatory body and was approved for the position.

MICA, Compliance Officer & MLRO, Butterfield Trust (Bahamas) Limited

I decided to pursue the ICA International Diploma in Compliance as this was compatible to my organization’s need. I also learnt during my research that one of the Directors of my company had just completed the exact course! During my research, I found the structure, length of time (6months-1 year), the student support and price were great. 

Earning my designation, almost immediately put me in a different “light” with my colleagues. I was now seen as a serious professional. I have also begun seeing how this designation can help me in taking my career to the next level.

This association offers many programs that effectively cater to the different areas in GRC. I highly recommend this program.

MICA, Comp(Dip), BSc, AIS, AINS, Asst to the Company Secretary at NAGICO Insurances (St Maarten)