The International Compliance Association partners with Temple Professionals, Mauritius with Anti Money Laundering programme offering

31 August 2018

The challenge of managing transnational and international AML risks is one that demands an internationally ‘joined up’ approach and a common understanding of emerging trends. Demonstrative knowledge of a commitment to the highest standards of practice and conduct is a must as we tackle the ever-evolving and complex nature of anti money laundering.

The International Compliance Association (ICA) as part of its ongoing mission to make the world a more stable and successful place by inspiring, educating and enable compliance specialists has partnered with Temple Professionals in Mauritius, offering internationally recognised anti money laundering qualifications in the region. Temple Professionals will provide the ICA Certificate in Financial Crime Prevention as well as the ICA Advanced Certificate in Anti Money Laundering, to complement the need for entry-level and advanced-level staff. More courses, including at diploma-level are expected to follow in 2019. By offering both entry-level and expert level qualifications, prospective students can seize the opportunity to learn the fundamentals of their chosen subject area or underpin their existing knowledge with a globally-recognised qualification.

The ICA, along with its training partner International Compliance Training, are committed to providing exceptional learning experiences across the globe through it’s highly practical yet academically rigorous qualifications, awarded in association with Alliance Manchester Business School, the University of Manchester.

Temple Professionals are the leading training institution for legal and financial services in Mauritius. The group is committed to providing flexible and practical insight into legal and regulatory developments, ensuring that training is updated to reflect the latest market trends and best practices.

Bill Howarth, ICA President, states I am delighted that we are partnering with Temple Professionals to bring ICA qualifications to the region. The vision of the ICA is simple: to increase the knowledge and skills of compliance professionals across the globe. Our ongoing endorsement of the value of education and continuous professional development is a shared goal between us and Temple Professionals. We are looking forward to working with our new partner, and welcoming new students and members from Mauritius to our compliance community.

Vandana Boolell, Executive Director, responded “Temple Professionals has been at the forefront of regulatory training since 2007 in Mauritius. This partnership with the ICA is a logical evolution in our endeavours to provide professionals with the most relevant knowledge to enable them to truly respond to the requirements of the globalized financial services sector within which Mauritius seeks to position itself. Temple Professionals, as the training limb of Temple Group, is fully committed to delivering the highest caliber of ongoing learning to its participants and looks forward to help graduates and seasoned compliance professionals alike take steps to progress their careers in this promising field.

The partnership with Temple Professionals is part of ICA’s 2017/2018 expansion plan. In the last year, the ICA has partnered with various organisations in several jurisdictions including LebanonBrunei and New Zealand.

You can find out more about the qualifications on offer in Mauritius here.



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ICA is a global professional membership and awarding body. The ICA  is dedicated to the pursuit of excellence in anti-money laundering, legal and regulatory compliance, financial crime prevention and the management of regulatory risk through certificated qualifications and knowledge transfer. Working within a variety of sectors, ICA helps individuals, firms, regulatory and government institutions, across a range of geographical jurisdictions and industry sectors to develop best practice in the management of risk.

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