ITN Productions & The International Compliance Association: Good governance can make businesses more competitive

New ‘Beyond Regulation’ programme reveals critical importance of compliance, not only in terms of regulatory changes but also how it enhances businesses across the globe.

Geraldine Lawler, Global Head of Finance Crime at Barclays says ‘We’ve been working very actively with government and law enforcement in trying to understand what are the priority threats for UK PLC. We’ve come up with 5 key threats for the UK, that’s terrorism, human trafficking, how we identify and drive out corruption – particularly in the area of real estate - trade based money laundering and also how we identify and mitigate the threat of money laundering through markets.

Interviewed exclusively for ‘Beyond Regulation’, a news and current affairs-style programme created by the International Compliance Association and ITN productions, Geraldine Lawler also spoke about how financial services are now using data analytics to provide intelligence to law enforcement.

‘Beyond Regulation’ showcases the importance of good compliance, not only for managing and mitigating risk (regulatory, criminal, reputational and financial) but also for the competitive advantage of a business. The programme brings to life how compliance has evolved from an isolated ‘business prevention unit’ to a commercially-focused business partner.

Being compliant is about so much more than avoiding criminal charges or upholding a good reputation, this programme looks at how we track money laundering, tax evasion and even financing terrorism. From the latest innovations, new processes and the people working in compliance, ‘Beyond Regulation’ showcases the changes that have been made for a number of success stories.

The programme also features an interview with Bill Howarth, President of the International Compliance Association who tells us about the changes in compliance over the past few years and what the future looks like for the next generation.

Drawing upon ITN’s 60-year heritage and expertise in storytelling, presented by national newsreader Matt Barbet the news-style piece combines key interviews, case studies and sponsored stories from Accenture, Blackswan Technologies, Capnovum, Compliance Solutions Strategies, Cube Content Governance, Dun & Bradstreet, Grant Thornton LLP & Ariadne RegTech, M-Files, Navigant, SAI Global, SteelEye and Veritas Technologies.

The full programme can be viewed here.

Bill Howarth, President, ICA said: “ICA are excited to be working with such celebrated communication and broadcast experts in telling the story of how the role of the compliance professional has evolved – and how it now reaches ‘beyond regulation’ into an advisory thought leadership role in a growing number of industries and jurisdictions across the globe.“


Simon Shelley, Head of Industry News, ITN Productions, said: "ITN Productions has been delighted to partner with the International Compliance Association to create ‘Beyond Regulation’. We hope this programme will help to inform and enlighten viewers of the importance of compliance for a successful business as well as showcasing a platform to share best practise and continue to look at what can be done to enhance the benefits of compliance. We are extremely pleased with how this programme brings to life the evolution of compliance in different businesses.”


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ICA is a global professional membership and awarding body. It is dedicated to the pursuit of excellence in anti-money laundering, legal and regulatory compliance, financial crime prevention and the management of regulatory risk through certificated qualifications and knowledge transfer. Working within a variety of sectors, ICA helps individuals, firms, regulatory and government institutions, across a range of geographical jurisdictions and industry sectors to develop best practice in the management of risk.


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