Your next steps: upgrade your ICA Membership

You are eligible to upgrade your ICA membership

Our qualifications help compliance professionals develop relevant knowledge and best practice, but your learning journey does not need to stop here!

We encourage our members to engage in lifelong learning and demonstrate a commitment to the highest standards of practice and conduct, through a meaningful regime of Continuous Professional Development (CPD). This will not only advance your professional reputation and employability, but will also enhance the performance of your firm.

Being a member of ICA provides you with a wealth of knowledge, tools, resources and practical support all stages of your career.

Why upgrade your membership?

As well as being able to use a sought-after designation, upgrading your membership will give you access to a wide range of practical benefits that are relevant to your job role, level of seniority and interests and will continue to support you in the following three areas:


Be recognised for your commitment to best compliance practice and enhance your professional reputation


Learn more from your community of peers and with ICA support with our wealth of exclusive members-only tools and resources that help you perform to the highest level of professionalism.


Get involved with a like-minded professional community and demonstrate your recognition for self-improvement, personal capability and commitment to your firm’s performance.

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