Our qualifications help compliance professionals develop relevant knowledge and best practice for operating within the fields of governance, risk and compliance, financial crime prevention and anti money laundering (AML). Awarded in conjunction with the Alliance Manchester Business School, The University of Manchester, you can be assured that you are studying for a worthwhile qualification that is the benchmark of excellence.

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Corporate Certification

Membership levels

We have five different levels of individual membership. Whether you are just starting out in your career, have gained an ICA professional qualification or are an experienced practitioner, there is a level appropriate for you. The levels of membership are as follows:


Each level requires that you sign up to, and operate in accordance, with the ICA Code of Conduct and complete either a recommended or mandatory level of continuing professional development (CPD) annually.

You can join as an individual or, depending upon your jurisdiction or employer, you may also be able to join as part of a group.

Membership is compulsory for anybody wishing to study towards an ICA certification or qualification.


Student Member 

This level of membership is for those currently studying towards an ICA qualification. You would benefit from individual membership benefits, which include:

  • CPD Centre - access to a wide range of articles, publications, videos and a library of online learning (that are constantly being updated) helping to inspire you for content and resources to support your assignment creation
  • InCOMPLIANCE Magazine - Every two months you will receive a digital copy of inCOMPLIANCE® – the industry publication exclusively authored and edited for ICA. This can be used as a reference for assignments 
  • Webinars - You will have access to all upcoming ICA webinars and will be able to view previously recorded webinars on hot topics and latest trends.
  •  Events & Networking - We recognise that face-to-face networking and learning opportunities are an important part of an individual’s development and, therefore. ICA Members will receive information and invitations to various global and regional events, including our annual conference

As a Student member you will be required to sign up to the ICA Code of Conduct .

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Affiliate Member


This level of membership is the ICA's entry level membership grade:

  • for anyone wishing to show commitment to the highest standards of practice and conduct;
  • for those currently studying towards an ICA qualification;
  • for those who have successfully completed an ICA Certificate

As an Affiliate member you will be required to sign up to the ICA Code of Conduct and we recommend that you complete (and log) a minimum of 10 hours of CPD each year.

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Associate Member

Associate membership is a mark of achievement that recognises your commitment to professionalism through studying. This level is:

As an Associate member you will be required to sign up and adhere to ICA Code of Conduct and complete a mandatory 35 hours of Continuous Professional Development (CPD) each year.

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Professional Member (MICA)

Being a Professional Member of ICA is a globally recognised mark of professionalism and excellence.

This membership level demonstrates the highest levels of practical and academic knowledge and is available to holders of an ICA Diploma qualification or those who qualify via the experienced practitioner* route.

As a Professional Member you will sign up and adhere to the ICA Code of Conduct and agree to undertake 35 hours of mandatory Continuous Professional Development (CPD) each year.

This level of membership is:    

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Fellow Member (FICA)

Being a Fellow of the ICA is a mark of prestige and is our highest level of membership. It demonstrates a high level of competence and achievement and represents your ongoing dedication to professionalism.

There is an expectation that as a Fellow, will add value to the growing ICA community. This can be done in a variety of ways such as contributing to inCOMPLIANCE®, designing content for the CPD Centre, serving on an ICA Branch committee or becoming an examiner. Of course we are always open to ideas and suggestions that play to your individual personal strengths that our community would benefit from. Contact us at contributions@int-com.org to find out more.

This level of membership is:

To maintain this status, you must sign up and adhere to the ICA Code of Conduct and complete a further 35 hours of Continuous Professional Development (CPD) each year.

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If you're unsure which level of  membership is appropriate for you, please contact us at membership@int-comp.org.

*      Also includes Certification courses in Malaysia
**    Also includes Advanced Certificate courses in Malaysia
***  Also includes Graduate qualifications in Singapore and Certified Professional qualifications in Malaysia
****For further information and enquiries on applying via this route,
        please email membership@int-comp.org and request details of the experiential Fellow route to FICA. 


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Help and support

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