ICA Commercial Services Limited - Booking Specifications Terms and Conditions

ICA Commercial Services Limited - Booking Specifications Terms and Conditions

When you agree to purchase a Product and/ or Service from the Company your Agreement will be subject to these Booking Service Specifications below (“Booking Service Specifications”) and our General Terms and Conditions.

Definitions not set out below are as set out in the Company General Terms and Conditions. For the purpose of these Booking Service Specifications, the following definitions shall apply:

"Additional Fees” are as set out in clause 4.6;

“Certificate Courses” means courses whereby certificates, but not qualifications, are issued;

Enrolment Date” means the date on the Order Form at which the Learner contracts with the Company;

Employer” means the employer named in the Order Form;

“Instalment Plan” means the payment plan under which the Learner shall pay the Fees;

Learner” means the learner named in the Order Form; and

“Resit Fees” means additional examination and/or coursework fees not covered by the Fees.

1. Scope of these Booking Service Specifications

1.1 This Agreement will apply whereby the client has purchased in accordance with the Agreement.

1.2 Products and / or Services may only be accessed with a live subscription in place and the Client shall be obliged to purchase such a subscription to access the Services. Where a course is deferred in accordance with clause 7, a Client shall be required to renew its subscription in order to receive any deferred Products and / or Services.

2. Learner and Employer Warranties

2.1 The Learner and the Employer warrant that they will not allow any third party to use or access the course materials or course content including access via the online learning platform without obtaining the Company’s prior written consent.

3. Course Delivery

3.1. After the Enrolment Date, the Company shall:

3.1.1 allow the Learner to access and attend the Course as described in the Order Form via the Company’s online learning platform, virtual classrooms, workshops, masterclass and or residential courses;

3.1.2 decide how and when the course is delivered;

3.1.3 determine course content, structure, and so determine the appropriate Course Elements; and be free to make changes to the same during the term of this Agreement.

4. Payment of Course Fees

4.1 The Learner and Employer will be responsible for paying the Fees set out in any invoice issued hereunder by the Company. Methods of payment will be set out on the Order Form.

4.2 Where the Learner is not sponsored by their Employer, the Company requires full payment of course fees upon enrolment and will issue an invoice on or after the Enrolment Date.

4.3 Where the Learner is sponsored by their Employer, the Learner and Employer are jointly and severally liable for the payment of such fees which are due 30 days from the date of invoice.

4.4 Learners will not be permitted to have access to Materials or receive examination or assessment results if any payment is overdue.

4.5 Course fees include Materials and, in respect of examinations and assessments, the Learner’s first attempt.

4.6 Learners will be charged the following additional fees:
4.6.1 for each online assessment resit GBP 110;
4.6.2 for each assignment or reflective journal assessment resubmission GBP 135; and
4.6.3 for each oral assessment resit GBP 500.

4.7 Additional Fees shall be paid in advance of the relevant resit/ resubmission by the Learner immediately by credit card.

5. Instalment plans

5.1 The Company may offer, at its discretion, Instalment Plans.

5.2 Such Instalment Plans shall not apply to Certificate Courses.

5.3 Self-funding Learners shall be eligible to apply for Instalment Plans. For the avoidance of doubt, company-funded courses are not eligible for Instalment Plans.

5.4 Where a Learner is accepted on an Instalment Plan the first instalment of Fees is payable upon enrolment.

5.5 Interest is not payable on Instalment Plans.

5.6 Upon successful application of an Instalment Plan, the Learner will receive a written schedule of payments. Reminders for individual instalments will not be sent.

5.7 If the Learner defaults on the Instalment Plan, the outstanding balance shall become immediately due.

5.8 The Company reserves the right to suspend access and withhold results where a Learner defaults on their instalment plan. Such suspension and withholding of results will remain in place until such time that the default is remedied.

6. Cancellations, Deferrals and Extensions

Cancellation by Learner

6.1 The Learner may cancel a Product and/or Service within 14 days of the Enrolment Date. Upon our acceptance of such cancellation the Agreement shall be terminated with immediate effect.

6.2 Cancellation under clause 6.1 shall only apply where a Learner has not accessed any of the Materials provided under the Product and/or Service.

6.3 In the event of cancellation under clause 6.1, the Learner shall:
6.3.1 be entitled to a full refund of Fees where the Materials have not been accessed;
6.3.2 not be entitled to any refund where the Materials have been accessed; and
6.3.3 may be entitled to a partial refund at the Company’s discretion where only part of the Materials have been accessed.

6.4 If the Learner or the Employer on the Learner’s behalf requests to cancel from the course and terminates this contract more than 14 days after the Enrolment Date, no refund will be paid and any invoice payments outstanding remain payable.

Cancellation by the Company

6.5 The Company reserves the right without any liability of any kind to cancel, postpone, reschedule, and/or change the format of, a course, cohort, workshop, virtual classroom, or residential weekend at any time.

6.6 The Company shall be entitled, at its absolute discretion, to cancel a Learner’s enrolment where the Learner is in breach of this Agreement.

6.7 Upon cancellation of this Agreement under clause 6.6, the Learner and/or Employer shall immediately cease to access the Materials.

6.8 Any outstanding Fees and/or Additional Fees shall become payable immediately on cancellation.

7. Course Deferrals

7.1 A course must be completed within two years of the Enrolment Date. After the two-year period has lapsed, access to the Materials shall automatically cease and this Agreement will terminate.

7.2 Where there are mitigating circumstances which can be supported by the relevant evidence the Company may, at its absolute discretion, allow a deferral, extension or transfer. An administrative fee of GBP 500 for each deferral and GBP 50 for each extension shall apply.

7.3 Where the Company agrees to defer, extend or transfer the Learner to an alternative course the Fees must be paid in full. Where the Learner has an Instalment Plan, the deferral agreement does not alter the Learner’s obligation to pay on time the instalments due under the Instalment Plan.