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Don’t worry if you weren’t successful in your last attempt, you are able to rebook your assessment below.

You will have received an email from us letting you know the elements that need to be retaken and the assessment date(s).

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Online assessment and extension (Certificate/Specialist Certificate)

  • 50 GBP
  • 55 EUR
  • 65 USD

Online assessment (Advanced Certificate/Diploma)


  • 110 GBP
  • 121 EUR
  • 143 USD

Assignment/Reflective Journal (Advanced Certificate/Diploma/PgDip)

  • 135 GBP
  • 149 EUR
  • 179 USD

Oral Assessment (PgDip/Accelerated Route)

  • 500 GBP
  • 550 EUR
  • 650 USD