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Effective Ethics – how to support an anti-corruption compliance culture in Europe

Panama, Brazil, Afghanistan, China, Malaysia, Pakistan, Ukraine, Angola, South Africa. Examples of corruption cases abound beyond the limits of European geography. A cursory look at the Transparency International Corruption Perception Index shows plenty of low-ranking jurisdictions, many situated at a substantial distance from continental Europe. Does this mean that European companies, executives, regulators and prosecutors can sit back, head early for the beaches of the Mediterranean this summer and leave their international counterparts to manage these anti-corruption risks far from Madrid, Paris, Rome and other EU capitals? Clearly, the answer is ‘no’.....More

Ireland, Technology and Integrity

A large number of global information, communication and technology (ICT) companies are based in Ireland.

Lobbying: fostering a culture of integrity

There is a serious shortfall in transparency, integrity and equality of access within the lobbying process across Europe, according to a report released last week by Transparency International. This has created a need to “foster a culture of integrity among companies and organisations seeking to influence public policy,” says TI.....More

European governments are now the main source of terrorist financing, according to the New York Times

An investigation published by the New York Times recently provided a fascinating read for anyone involved in countering the financing of terrorism (CFT). While it has long been believed that counterfeiting provides the primary source of financing for terrorists, the Times report suggests that ransom payments have now surpassed it.

Euro crisis, Asian woe?

It seems not to matter anymore which source of media you use for your regular burst of fun filled global news, as so much of it carriers the same sentiment; the Eurozone is in crisis. The BBC news site, from the UK, has a whole section dedicated to this topic, much like a special section on the Olympics or the US Election. The Business Times website, the online version of the Singaporean daily, has also recently seen an increase in its coverage of European news, mostly centred on Greece, Spain and Germany.....More

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