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Euro crisis, Asian woe?

It seems not to matter anymore which source of media you use for your regular burst of fun filled global news, as so much of it carriers the same sentiment; the Eurozone is in crisis. The BBC news site, from the UK, has a whole section dedicated to this topic, much like a special section on the Olympics or the US Election. The Business Times website, the online version of the Singaporean daily, has also recently seen an increase in its coverage of European news, mostly centred on Greece, Spain and Germany.....More

Rules were made to be broken...

‘These rules don’t make sense’ ‘I don’t understand why we need these rules’ ‘We never used to have so many rules we had to follow’ ‘Do we really have to follow these?’ Sound familiar? I thought they might.

Corruption: the perception and the reality

The Transparency International ‘Corruptions Perceptions Index’ published annually, offers a glimpse of global corruption based on perceived levels within the public sector of 183 countries. The Index is a funny thing, loved in some quarters and loathed in others, but still an interesting perspective on where various nations stand compared to others on the issue of corruption. Some results are not surprising; North Korea and Somalia are ranked joint bottom on the list.....More

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