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Anthony Beckett

The only way is ethics

Having had the privilege of attending the AMLP Forum on Anti-Bribery and Corruption in London last week, ethics (as well as collaborative action) was a key message.....More

Enhanced Due Diligence – CDD on Steroids?

But could it generate career opportunities in compliance roles in Jersey? Or, as John Harris, Director General of the Jersey Financial Services Commission (JFSC) quoted in his speech at the November 2011 Jersey Economic and Financial Crime Symposium:“Client Due Diligence (CDD) Plus Plus”

Don't they say that life begins at 40? FATF believe so.

So it has arrived – the revised version of the FATF 40 + 9 and what do we see? I am sure I will not be the only blog or commentary on this issue, and I definitely need to take a more in depth look, but I thought I would share my very initial observations and thoughts.....More

“Smell Test” You will know it when you see it

“The Puppet Masters” report issued by the World Bank in November, while lengthy, is a quality source of information and guidance on the ever thorny issue of beneficial ownership. It does take a few minutes to fully load – be patient, it’s worth the wait.

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