6 reasons why you should invest in a professional qualification

Written by Jake Plenderleith on Monday September 12, 2022

Studying for a professional qualification is a significant commitment –  but it’s also a tried and tested way of advancing your career, opening up new opportunities, increasing your earning potential or branching out into a new career altogether. 

The benefits, then, of studying for a professional qualification are clear. And with ICA offering flexibility in its payment options, there is scope, opportunity and accessibility in these straightened economic times.  

1. Career boost 

Some 93% of learners say they achieved their desired goal, having studied for an ICA qualification. A plethora of opportunities exist today for those willing to commit themselves to a programme of learning and development. The compliance profession has obviously come on leaps and bounds since its nascent days. That growth in prestige is mirrored in the knowledge and technical expertise that is today expected of compliance professionals.  

For those willing to put in the hours, the reward is a remunerative career geared towards making a difference. Those already working within the compliance field are also expected to commit to a programme of learning, not just to enhance their career prospects but also to keep their knowledge and learning relevant and up-to-date.  

2. Continuous learning 

Continuous learning is having something of a moment. The old approach of education and training as being a mandatory, often quite dull and repetitive experience, is moribund. In its place has developed a culture of life-long learning shaped and tailored by the learners themselves. The resulting upswing in engagement, in building a motivated and purpose-driven workface, is perhaps the biggest consequence of this shift. But it has also revealed the means by which professionals can upskill, boosting their career prospects and heralding in a new age where the employee is in the driving seat, making decisions on their training that benefit them and their firm.  

No longer is it accepted that an individual stops learning the minute they graduate from university. New technology – and evolving regulation – means that for compliance professionals in particular, there must be a gradual and ongoing commitment to learning in a manner that reflects the changes that now convulse society with greater regularity. The result is a workforce better equipped to deal with the challenges and opportunities manifest in the 21st century.  

3. Be part of something bigger 

Compliance is a purpose-driven profession, with some high-profile, meaningful objectives; fighting financial crime, combatting money laundering and putting a stop to human and wildlife trafficking being just some of the most high-profile. By openly seeking to improve your skills and capabilities you will play an important part in helping to mitigate risk, reduce financial crime and make the world a better place. 

Being part of such a community – and working in a field that is values-driven – is a professional vocation that few have the good fortune to be part of. By studying with ICA, you will be joining more than 160,000 trained compliance professionals from over 150 countries. 

Our qualifications are available in a range of languages and are endorsed by employers the world over. ICA is a global community of highly driven, like-minded individuals, united by a common, altruistic purpose.   

4. Community belonging 

Studying with ICA broadens your professional network to more than 17,000 members, as well as giving access to global expert tutors and industry practitioners and the wider professional compliance community. 

Being an ICA member also allows you to share best practice and experience by networking with your peers. 

‘Creation of group sessions allowed us to analyse different situations and to decide what course of action/s is needed’. 

‘Being part of a professional community is important to me – it helps me stay in touch with new ideas and developments that are constantly emerging’.  

5. Get expert learning support 

Connect, collaborate and learn through our market-leading digital classroom technology. You will gain from the vast experience of our expert tutors and the experiences of your classmates from different firms and industry sectors. As an ICA member, you will also have access to our extensive membership resources and CPD content to support you throughout your studies. 

Our dedicated Learning Support Team will also be on hand to guide you through your learning journey. 

‘Virtual classroom was superb and really engaging!’ 

‘The online chat service supported me when I needed it’. 

‘ICA personnel provided great feedback that helped me progress through the programme’. 

6. Dealing with technological upheaval 

There are many aspects of the future that are outside of our influence – but something that we can control is our ability to invest in our knowledge and skills to better prepare us for the opportunities and challenges which are bound to manifest themselves as technology develops.  

A failure to do so would see compliance professionals fall behind in the knowledge arms race that is the modern workplace. By studying for a professional ICA qualification, learners can transform their relationship to technological change. This will enable them to harness its power and prepare diligently for the future, instead of being buffeted by continual change.   

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