5 reasons why your employer should sponsor you to do an ICA qualification

Written by Dave Robson on Friday June 25, 2021

Many employers all over the world recognise the value of ICA qualifications in increasing the confidence and ability of their staff and indeed ICA Diplomas are often listed as pre-requisites for new compliance and AML roles. However, sometimes when training budgets are stretched, you may need to put a business case together for further study.

Using terminology that will resonate with senior management, here are five reasons that may help convince them to fund your course:

1.Reduced risk

ICA qualifications are essentially centred around risk mitigation: legal, criminal, reputational – they all have huge impacts. Unless your organisation has a grasp of these risks, they cannot respond appropriately. Your company is still responsible for a risk even if they are unaware of that risk.


2.Return on investment

What you learn now could save your organisation thousands later, both in real costs and resources. Prevention is invariably better than detection. Be proactive rather than reactive.


3.Competitive advantage

If you understand the risks, you can make an informed choice about how your organisation should respond and  beat the crowd. Your organisation’s reputation will be enhanced, and doors will open, increasing the potential for new clients.


4.Improved quality output

ICA qualifications don’t just train you in academic concepts and international frameworks, they empower you to perform better by taking a practical approach to real life issues that you encounter in your day-to-day role. You will learn best practice and gain knowledge from other like-minded professionals on your course.


5.Commitment to professionalism

By investing in you, your employer shows commitment to the ongoing development and professionalisation of its staff – making them an employer of choice. A motivated and empowered workforce aids staff retention.

Furthermore, a development programme that incorporates external, professional qualifications should also impress audit teams and demonstrate a commitment to competence to the regulators.


Take a look at our full suite of accredited qualifications here


It is important that our qualifications are as accessible as possible to our students, particularly when it comes to financing. We have provided some flexible payment options, available for specific qualifications, and listed other financial support opportunities, which we hope can help.   

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