International news and developments - December 2017

Written by Simone Jones on Friday January 5, 2018

UK Region

UK anti-corruption strategy 2017-2022

FCA consults on how firms and individuals will transition to the Senior Managers and Certification Regime

Man tries to buy hand grenades on the dark web with bitcoins

Fraudster given 400 extra days in prison

FCA kept RBS scandal report secret for fear bosses would sue

300 investors lost £1.4m after cold-calls scam

Customer tricked into transferring almost £75,000 into account after fraudster posed as her builder

Home Office announces new national economic crime centre to tackle high level fraud and money laundering

FCA’s Head of the Financial Crime Department delivers speech on using artificial intelligence to keep criminal funds out of the financial system

FCA publishes feedback statement on distributed ledger technology


EMEA Region

FATF release follow up report and technical compliance re-rating for Austria

MONEYVAL publish progress report on the Holy See

Gibraltar first to launch licence for fintech firms using blockchain

Prosecutor looks to salvage anti-corruption fight in Greece


APAC Region

North Korean firm reinvents itself to beat sanctions

Satellite shows Chinese ships evading North Korea sanctions


North America Region

SEC publishes statement on Cryptocurrencies and Initial Coin Offerings


LATAM Region

Voters go to the polls in South America in 2018 and corruption issues are at the top of their agenda

Football chiefs from South America convicted of corruption, money laundering 

Venezuela and Russia look to cryptocurrencies to evade sanctions



Travel ban imposed on former PM of Haiti due to corruption investigation




Anti-corruption day 2017


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