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Understanding Insider Threat

25 November 2019 | 1PM - 2PM GMT

Presented by Len Wassell, Security, Insider Threat, Risk and Investigations Professional and previous Head of Insider Threat Investigations at Barclays PLC

Every organisation and business in the world has assets, information and intellectual property that it is essential to protect to deliver services or gain and maintain the commercial advantage.

Insider Threat is often used in the marketing of software programs as the panacea to the insider risk and while they are useful only by understanding the true nature of insider threat can a collective and in-depth defence be created to protect the business or organisation.

This presentation will attempt to strip back the myths to guide the audience to understand the principles that can be applied to their business.


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Why good people do bad things at work

10 December 2019


Presented by Penny Milner-Smyth

This webinar addresses the question of why good people are susceptible to behaving against their better judgement in the workplace, and will provide the latest evidence-based insights that shed light on the subject and have relevance for the compliance profession.

Our focus will be two-fold: 

  • Understanding the conditions that are necessary for us to 'be in our right minds' at work 
  • Identifying the workplace realities that can unwittingly derail our decision-making and conduct 

To answer our question we will look for easily understood evidence with practical application for compliance leadership from the fields of:

  • Neuroscience - to understand how our state of mind can impact our ethical decision-making 
  • Behavioural economics - to understand the powerful impact of social norms 
  • Cognitive science - to understand the impact of implicit biases including ethical blindness 
  • Anthropology - to understand how deeply-ingrained societal expectations can lead to unethical choices 

This is a webinar that will help you to look at the organisations that you work in and at your compliance challenges from a new perspective. What's more, the content will empower you to operate with more confidence regardless of where you are in the world and regardless of the geographic spread of the operations for which you are responsible. 






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