ICTTF Certified Cyber Risk Specialist

A specialist course providing a uniquely comprehensive awareness of cyber risk management.

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Course details

Offered in partnership with the International Cyber Threat Task Force (ICTTF), this course will help you:

  • Get to grips with core cyber security issues and boost your understanding, while cutting through the jargon
  • Enhance your confidence and capabilities in an area often dominated by IT
  • Gain the knowledge and skills to develop strategies and implement a cyber risk framework for your organisation
  • Become a ‘Certified Cyber Risk Specialist’ in 90 days with a jointly awarded certification from the ICTTF and ICA


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What will I learn?

  • Understanding cyber risks and a little technology
  • Cyber strategy – the business case
  • Cyber risk quantification and metrics
  • Cyber leadership and culture
  • Cyber risk and the law
  • Cyber resilience and incident management
  • Third party cyber risk – vendors and remote workers
  • Putting it together – developing a cyber risk strategy

Is this course right for me?

This cyber security specialist course is suitable for anyone wishing to gain a comprehensive understanding of core cyber risk issues and assumes no prior technical knowledge.

Course format

This course is delivered by the ICTTF who provide all course materials and student communications.

  • Online course with 90-day access to all training material and exams
  • Training material comprises of rich interactive media such as videos, infographics and course notes
  • Opportunities for collaborative learning and networking via discussion forums
  • Eight modules with an online exam at the end of each module. The pass score for each module is 80%, and you have to obtain an average score of 80% or higher across all modules to be successfully certified
  • You can re-sit each of the module exams three times if required during you 90-day access

Certification lasts for three years from the date awarded. From June 2023 a recertification exam will be available online at www.icttf.org.