Fraud Masterclass

Expert-led masterclass held in London to help you develop a holistic understanding of fraud prevention, learn how to leverage emerging technology and foster an ethical organisational culture.

Course details

Part of ICA Masterclass Series, this masterclass led by a subject-matter expert will help you:

  • Develop a holistic understanding of fraud prevention, compliance, and emerging trends, encompassing legislative changes, liability implications, and evolving fraud patterns.
  • Acquire proficiency in leveraging advanced technologies such as behavioural biometrics, natural language processing, and data analytics for efficient fraud detection and prevention, with a specific focus on enhancing email security through DMARC & BIMI capabilities.
  • Cultivate expertise in fostering an ethical organisational culture, including the design and implementation of real-time ethics applications, tailored messaging, and ethics monitoring controls.
Fraud masterclass


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What will I learn?

This masterclass looks at:

  • Latest developments in economic crime – implications of external and internal fraud liability
  • Compliance programme – appointment of board-level responsibility, implementation of policies, processes and systems and adaptation of existing policies.
  • Technology – biometrics, natural language processing and utilising DMARC & BIMI capabilities to enhance email security
  • Ethical/Staff behaviour (Culture) – promoting integrity and fostering an ethical culture in your organisation
  • Global training framework – designing frameworks and ongoing tailored training
  • Open advisory sessions – identifying the top three risks and challenging the notion that fraud is effectively managed

Course format

This one-day in-person interactive masterclass: 

  • Empowers professionals with cutting-edge knowledge and insights.
  • Offers networking opportunities with industry leaders and subject matter experts.
  • Provides a Certificate of Attendance awarded by ICA with 8 hours of CPD.

This masterclass is ideal for senior financial crime and compliance professionals.

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