Diploma in Corporate Governance

Enhance your career as a director and develop the practical knowledge, insight and global mindset to be a great board director.

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Course details

We have partnered with the Corporate Governance Institute to bring you this course that helps you:

  • Clearly understand how boards function and your role as a director
  • Have the tools and competence to make an impact in the boardroom
  • Know how to evaluate a board before joining one
  • Join a diverse network of senior executives and directors to exchange ideas and experiences


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What will I learn?

The comprehensive syllabus enables you to learn what you need to know to become a successful company director.

The topics covered are:

  • Introduction to corporate governance 
    Gain a clear understanding of the world of corporate governance, the principles which underpin it, global trends and the role it plays in contemporary business.
  • Governance architecture
    Learn how the governance structure of every organisation is unique, given its heritage and culture, and how to build a best practice governance structure.
  • The governance handbook
    The Board Governance Handbook is the document that defines an organisation's roles, policies, procedures and other basic board documentation.
  • The company director
    You will learn about the duties and responsibilities required to be a competent director with the appropriate mindset to make a real impact in the boardroom.
  • Effective reporting
    This module clearly explains, in detail, the information and supporting processes that directors require to perform their role, and how they relate to effective reporting.
  • Culture
    Explore the importance of aligning the culture of the board with the organisation and its strategy, and how to influence company culture.
  • Financial matters
    This module will help you interpret the financial statements that you will have to master as a director, and help you ask the right questions.
  • Strategy
    Gain an understanding of the tools and processes used in the development and implementation of strategy, and the board’s role.
  • Risk
    This module ensures that you, as a director, can provide the proper oversight of risk in the organisation and ask intelligent questions.
  • Evaluating performance
    Learn how to initiate and implement evaluations of the board, directors, and CEO on either an internal or external basis.
  • The non-executive director
    This module will help you formulate a systematic approach to your career plan to become or progress as a director or non-executive director.

Course format

  • Online, self-paced
  • 11 modules
  • Three assessments with objective questions (e.g. multiple choice)
  • Features world-leading industry practitioners in corporate governance

Is this course right for me?

The course is designed to demystify and define what it means to be a director and a boardroom leader. You will learn best boardroom practices from directors who share their experiences and knowledge. The case studies are real-world, practical and full of insights. The diploma is ideal for existing directors, aspiring directors, and executives in leadership roles.