ICA's End Point Assessment Service

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What is an End-Point Assessment?

An End-point assessment allows an apprentice to demonstrate the required knowledge, skills and behaviours to complete and achieve their apprenticeship.

It is taken by apprentices at the very end of the on-programme phase of training when their employer (and in some cases their training provider) is satisfied that they have met the requisite gateway criteria.

To ensure assessment is consistent and comparable, employers must select an independent organisation to carry out the end-point assessment of each apprentice. End-point assessment is graded as defined in the published assessment plan.

An apprenticeship certificate is only awarded after end-point assessment is successfully completed, by the ESFA

Where does ICA fit in? 

ICA delivers end-point assessment for a range of apprenticeship standards across the compliance and financial services sectors. We are approved on the Register of End-point Assessment Organisations to deliver end-point assessment for the following apprenticeship standards:

  • Level 2 Credit Controller and Collector
  • Level 3 Advanced Credit Controller and Debt Collection Specialist                      
  • Level 3 Financial Services Administrator
  • Level 3 Compliance Risk Officer
  • Level 3 Public Sector Compliance Investigation Officer 
  • Level 4 Data Protection and Information Governance Practitioner
  • Level 4 Regulatory Compliance Officer
  • Level 4 Counter Fraud Investigator
  • Level 6 Senior Compliance/Risk Specialist 
  • Level 6 Financial Services Professional


If you are an employer looking to choose your end-point assessment organisation, please see our information on selecting ICA as your end-point assessment organisation. 

You must select a provider that is listed on the Register of End-point Assessment Organisations (RoEpAO).

If you choose ICA to be your end-point assessment organisation, we recommend that you appoint us at the start of the apprenticeship so that your apprentices enjoy the benefits of ICA membership from the outset. We can then start planning the delivery and help you prepare your apprentices for the assessment.

Training Providers

If you are a training provider working with an employer and are looking to identify an end-point assessment organisation, we will happily work with you and your employer to map out and schedule end-point assessment activities in line with the requirements of the apprenticeship assessment plans.


ICA End-Point Assessment Policies

ICA provides the following policies related to our apprenticeship end-point assessment: 

Find out more

If you have any questions or queries about ICA, the apprenticeship standards or end-point assessment you can email us at epa@int-comp.org or call us on +44 (0) 121 362 7503. We have an FAQ resource available here.