Derek Vennard, Head of Business Banking, TSB, shares how ICA’s bespoke training programme benefitted the company and its employees, and helped to create a positive change for the business

Why did you contact International Compliance Association?

In early 2019, Business Banking relaunched its offering. TSB believed that this would potentially expose its processes to a different profile of customer.  


Therefore, the perceived increase in risk prompted TSB to look for an engaging financial crime training programme centred around these new customers that would help our partners better identify and respond to financial crime risk. In addition, we wanted to reflect the fact that an increasing proportion of the onboarding process that our partners complete is online or over the telephone.

What was the solution?

International Compliance Association (ICA) created a three-hour workshop that contained numerous rich case studies. The workshop combined the latest developments in financial crime management with TSB’s culture, processes and customer profile to create an effective solution for our team.

The training focused on a selection of customer types that business banking would commonly deal with, highlighting what makes them a higher financial crime risk to the bank.

We also ensured the workshop included case study examples throughout, which gave participants an opportunity to recognise situations where these risks can manifest in their business, and to understand the right action to take to tackle them.

Comprehensive facilitation notes and guidance ensured a consistent, robust and structured experience for all our partners across multiple outings of the workshop.

What was your experience of working with ICA?

After our first meeting we felt we were talking to a TSB Partner who held the values we live by – honesty, integrity, transparency. Our early conversations were invaluable, and we immediately felt we were talking to a part of TSB and not an external provider.

They have helped us create sustainable change; their approach allowed us to retain control of the end product and flexibility in how we deliver it in the future. The “train the trainer” approach was crucial to us demonstrating to our stakeholders that this would have an immediate impact, deliver value beyond the initial workshops and help the internal team to also develop their own capabilities.

The facilitator was extremely engaging and didn’t talk ‘at’ the participants, but rather shared stories that really brought the training material to life and that they could relate to in their everyday lives – it was different to financial crime training we’ve had in the past, it was fun and enjoyable. We learned a lot more because of this and it increased the partner’s likelihood to apply what they’ve learnt back in the workplace.

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