The International Compliance Association to explore the impact of ransomwares on financial crime compliance

The International Compliance Association (ICA) – part of Wilmington plc – is to explore the impact of ransomware on financial crime compliance on 16 November at 1pm GMT in a free, online event.

Pekka Dare, Vice President, ICA confirms: “Ransomware continues to dominate headlines globally and the current state of the digital economy has created perfect conditions for criminal enterprises to succeed and financial crime to flourish. Criminal groups are expected to continue evolving their tools and finding new ways to collaborate, resulting in a greater number of effective attacks.

“In this webinar we will look at recent tactics which have been employed to mount ransomware attacks and key lessons learnt from large-scale attacks using blockchain analytics and threat intelligence. We will also examine and provide recommendations for controls, practices and compliance programs to detect and prevent attacks and such illicit funds entering the traditional banking system.”

Charmian Simmons, Financial Crime and Compliance Expert at BAE Systems Applied Intelligence, who is sponsoring the event, added “the public nature and scale of ransomware attacks has accelerated the focus of cybercrime in financial crime. AML professionals investigate how cybercriminals earn and move the proceeds of illicit activities every day – now is the time to better understand how ransomware and crypto impacts their current practices and controls so improvement can be made.”

Other forthcoming webinar topics include:

• The view from the 1st line of defence
• Beneficial ownership: trends in risk and improving transparency
• How to work smarter and not harder with your financial crime risk assessment
• AML for Lawyers
• Sanctions: the need for agility in a shifting landscape
• SOW/SOF – regulatory expectations and best practice
• Managing resources while managing regulatory change

Further details can be found here. Book your free place here