OSACO Financial and International Compliance Association provide unique insight to Iranian delegation

16 March 2018

London, UK: The International Compliance Association (ICA), in association with OSACO Financial embarked on a unique proposition; to provide an Iranian delegation with a one-off training session on the fundamentals of best practice in regulatory compliance in London. This was part of the ICA’s wider corporate social responsibility initiative.

As a not-for-profit organisation, the ICA has been vocal about its ongoing commitment to international best practice. When invited by OSACO Financial to share the benefit of the 17 plus years of experience in this area, ICA were delighted to accept.

As Iran emerges from a sanctioned world, OSACO Financial want to ensure that financial service professionals have the education and support necessary to connect with the global banking system. While operating within the global economic market is still a contentious issue for the region, OSACO Financial wants to ensure that risk profiles are reduced in Iranian financial institutions and support improved standards of governance and transparency. ICA and its sister company International Compliance Training were happy to engage with the invitation to participate entirely gratis for this one-off seminar.

The unique opportunity has captured the attention of the Iranian press and has been widely regarded as a positive move for both Iranian financial professionals and the Association.

Rhodri Kettle, Senior Course Director at International Compliance Training, commented

“This was a unique opportunity to facilitate a workshop with the delegates from Iran and to discuss with them the challenges they face and to explore their reactions to the compliance priorities and focus that exist internationally. Together we reviewed recent history in regulatory compliance, the roles of regulators from an international perspective, and as a consequence the accepted compliance fundamentals ICA recognises as being the most significant in today’s financial services environment. The importance of governance, and the culture which drives it was an area of particular focus, and I am confident this message was understood fully. On a personal note, I hope the delegates gained as much insight as I did from our broad and wide-ranging discussions and debates.”

International Compliance Association and its sister company International Compliance Training recognise the ongoing importance of corporate social responsibility and will engage with a number of different initiatives in the coming year. Further initiatives will be released shortly.




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