International Compliance Association launches new International Diploma in Managing Sanctions Risk

8 July 2021

The International Compliance Association (ICA) – part of Wilmington plc, has launched a new International Diploma in Managing Sanctions Risk aimed at mid-senior level managers working in multiple industry sectors including international trade, transport, pharmaceuticals, oil and gas and financial services.

Sanctions are a crucial instrument in the international battle against financial crime, proliferation, terrorism and human rights abuses, yet it is a highly complex area. Those who are responsible for managing sanctions risk in their organisations need to have the right combination of knowledge, capabilities and behaviours to do so effectively. 

Ross Savage, Course Director and Global Lead - Sanctions Compliance at ICA explains: “Shifts in the geo-political landscape and evolving regulations across the globe mean that organisations operating across multiple jurisdictions need to constantly review and assess the impact and make effective decisions quickly. 

“We have responded by launching the new International Diploma to support sanctions, compliance, financial crime and risk professionals by not only enhancing their technical knowledge in this complex space but also their ability to make effective judgments.  Critical thinking and effective collaboration and communication are key in managing the risk and the course has been designed to enhance these skills as well as help learners develop a deeper understanding of sanctions architecture, screening and the control framework.” 

The syllabus covers:

  • Global Sanctions Architecture – Sanctions in Context
  • How Sanctions Regimes are Implemented
  • Evolving Scope of Sanctions – A Changing Tool
  • Sector-based Sanctions
  • Identifying Higher Risk Jurisdictions and Activities
  • Transparency, Control, and Ownership
  • Licensing and Permissible Payments
  • Management of Global Exposure to Unilateral and Regional Sanctions
  • Developing the Control Framework
  • Sanctions Screening
  • Incident Management and Holding of Sanctioned Funds
  • Sanctions Lifting and Roll Back

Ross Savage concludes: “By enriching the professional skillset of learners and helping them ensure a joined-up approach in the management of sanctions cases, they will be better prepared to respond to fast-changing regimes and rules and will be empowered to make effective decisions quickly.

“ICA will also be launching an online sanctions awareness course shortly as it’s important that everyone within an organisation, not just those who manage the risk directly, are able to understand the fundamentals of sanctions compliance.  We have also recently commissioned a global sanctions survey to better understand current perceptions and we are looking forward to releasing the findings soon.”

ICA is committed to helping its members navigate and comply with the changing financial compliance, regulations and sanctions control landscape.  It is focused on raising the global standards for regulatory and financial crime compliance professionals through its range of courses, qualifications, CPD and network support with the aim of going beyond training to affect behavioural change. 

For more information about the new ‘Managing Sanctions Risk’ International Diploma, visit . Details of the new sanctions awareness course for non-specialists will be available on the ICA website shortly.