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Did you know that international corruption costs $3.6 trillion annually in the form of bribes and stolen money?


Limiting criminal activity through bribery, corruption, money laundering, human trafficking and fraud is an ongoing battle in the financial sector and beyond. British banks alone spend $5 billion tackling financial crime. Risks to the global system are huge but for every ‘big picture’ incident, there are real people affected.

The International Compliance Association and ITN Productions Industry News are proud to present the ‘The True Cost of Financial Crime’, a news and current affairs-style programme exploring the impact criminal activity has on both businesses and individuals.

Watch The True Cost of Financial Crime to learn more 

The True Cost of Financial Crime | Official Playlist (2019)

The Human Impact of Financial Crime 

‘The True Cost of Financial Crime’ highlights the human impact of crime and the key role compliance professionals can play in preventing this. Exploring areas such as effective cyber security, bribery and corruption, sustainability and the environmental risk and human trafficking, ‘The True Cost of Financial Crime’ shows the work going on to reduce criminal activity and to protect both customers and organisations; and explores what consumers can do to protect themselves against online fraud.

Watch this interview of Pekka Dare, Director of International Compliance Training at ICA, discussing the growing threat of financial crime and how ICA supports the compliance profession. 

Anti-Bribery and Corruption

Financial crime is a rapidly evolving threat that faces government, businesses and economies of all sizes, accounting for a shocking 3.6% of global GDP. Central to financial crime prevention are compliance professionals whose work affects the life of billions of people across the globe every day.

Tim Tyler, Course Director at ICA, discusses these challenges and more in The True Cost of Financial Crime. He says:

"Institutions have a number of responsibilities in the context of corruption that involves understanding the threat and the nature of corruption.”


ICA would like to thank the organisations that took part in these films, including Global Witness, Transparency International, Stop the Traffik, Barclays, and all the other participants involved in the project for raising awareness on this important subject.

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