ICTTF Certified Cyber Risk Officer (Singapore)

Course level : ICA Advanced Certificates

Increasing in sophistication, frequency, and persistence, cyber risks are growing more dangerous and diverse, threatening to disrupt our interconnected global financial systems and the institutions that operate and support those systems.

We have partnered with the International Cyber Threat Task Force (ICTTF) to offer this new introductory programme providing a uniquely comprehensive awareness of Cyber Risk Management as a Cyber Risk Officer.

The CCRO (Certified Cyber Risk Officer Course) will aid any key cyber risk management stakeholders, including first and second line managers professionals, and anyone interested in entering this field, in applying the knowledge to their roles, to meet legal and regulatory requirements. It achieves this by bringing students on a journey in holistically understanding the threat landscape and how to develop and support and appropriate strategy and framework aligned with the business strategy of the financial entity they are protecting.

The syllabus modules include high-level fundamental “educational elements” specifically designed for the financial sector private and public entities so they may to apply the content to their specific operational and threat landscape, role in the sector, and legal and regulatory requirements.

"This is a very informative course for working adult. Highly recommended!"



Annie Chu

"An excellent program and the facilitators were very knowledgeable. They explained difficult concepts in an easy way." 


Sanjeev Gathani


By attending this programme, you will

  • Understand the cyber threat landscape
  • Gain the knowledge, skills and confidence you require to protect the digital assets of your organisation
  • Support the efforts of or lead the implementation of a cyber risk framework

This course brings you on a journey and commences with how to analyse the inherent cyber risk of your organisation. That includes areas such as:

  • Organisational Characteristics
  • Governance Structure
  • Technology Structure and Systems
  • Product / Service Delivery Channels
  • External Cyber Threats

We then gain an understanding of the current cyber risk status of the organisation holistically by exploring key control areas such as:

  • Cyber Risk Management and Oversight
  • Cyber Incident Management and Resilience
  • Cybersecurity Controls
  • Threat Intelligence and Collaboration
  • External Dependency –Vendor / Partner Risk

There is a focus on CRQ (Cyber Risk Quantification), meaningful metrics and how to support and develop a cyber strategy that supports your ERM (Enterprise Risk Management) program and business strategy. Security standards, legal and compliance requirements are addressed throughout the material. By the end of the course you will have gained the appropriate knowledge to build, implement or support a risk management framework for your organisation.

The syllabus assumes a non-technical student and covers a range of topics from identification of cyber risks through to risk management options:

  • Understanding cyber risks and a little technology
  • Cyber strategy – the business case
  • Cyber risk quantification and metrics
  • Cyber leadership and culture
  • Cyber risk and the law
  • Cyber resilience and incident management
  • Third party cyber risk – vendors and remote workers
  • Putting it together: developing a cyber risk strategy

Download the full course syllabus here

Course Format

This course is delivered by ICTTF who provide all course materials and student communications.

  • Online course delivered over 8 weeks
  • Pre-course orientation module to ensure understanding of key milestones and how assessments are calculated
  • Online training material includes interactive media such as videos, infographics and activities
  • Collaborative learning through discussion forums
  • Continuous assessment throughout the course

Recommended study hours: 

Self-Study  Recommended 8-10 hours a week
Face to face workshops  4 hours (1 hour x 4 modules)
Invigilated exam 8 x MCQ Exams (1 per module)
How will you be assessed?
  • 7 essay assignments. One assignment for each of the seven (7) modules.
  • 8 x multiple choice questions examinations 

This course is suitable for any key cyber risk management stakeholder including first and second line managers who need to understand the threat so they can take practical action to mitigate the risk, and anyone interested in entering this field.

  • C-Suite
  • Head of IT/Security
  • Compliance Managers
  • Cyber Security/Risk/Compliance Teams
  • Legal
  • Procurement
  • Head of Business Units
  • Technology Leaders / Project Managers
  • Management Professionals /Team Leaders
  • Digital Consultants


Certification lasts for three years from the date awarded.

From June 2023 a recertification exam will be available online at www.icttf.org. There will be a fee of €500 for the recertification exam or any resits required.

"Attending this course provide me more insights and knowledge about cybersecurity risk and threats out there."
 Sok Keong Yeo
"This is a very informative course for working adult. Highly recommended!"
 Annie Chu
"Well-organised course on cyber security to build up knowledge progressively and apply this in the real world."
 Arwen Low
"An excellent program and the facilitators were very knowledgeable. They explained  difficult concepts in an easy way."
 Sanjeev  Gathani
"Good starting point to learn about Cyber-related risk."
 Eugene Teng
"Very interesting and practical orientated course spiced with great examples from the cyber security industry. Thank you."
 Eng Huat Lian
"Insightful, interesting and rich content that were presented in an deeply engaging in a simple, succinct manner."
"Excellent course with very relevant and latest case studies being used for course materials."
 Justina Zhuang
"Wide coverage of the cybersecurity space which provides a good base for the understanding of cyber risk."
 Mingle Gan
"The online modules are easy to navigate. The content and structure is very comprehensive to me to apply at work."
 Ruth Poh 
"Very concise information put together to understand cybersecurity fundamentals."
 Keh Hui Ong


This programme has been accredited under the IBF Standards, and is eligible for funding under the IBF Standards Training Scheme (IBF-STS), subject to all eligibility criteria being met.

IBF-STS provides 70% funding for direct training costs subject to a cap of S$3,000 per candidate per programme subject to all eligibility criteria being met.

*Kindly note that this course is under the Future-Enabled Skills Training course type. 

Read more about the enhanced funding details.


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