Certified Compliance Officer/Advanced Certificate in Regulatory Compliance (Israel)

Course level : ICA Advanced Certificates

The Certification is a joint award of the International Compliance Association (ICA), The Israel Association for Compliance, Administrative Enforcement and Audit and administered by the Israeli Bar Publishing House.

This course covers:

  • The role of the compliance officer
  • Risk management
  • Understanding the Regulatory Environment
  • Professional standards and code of ethics for compliance officers
  • Money laundering and prohibition of terrorist financing
  • Compliance in financial service providers and fintech accounts
  • Implementation of compliance programs to prevent bribery for foreign compliance employees
  • International regulation and its implications for Israeli corporations
  • Compliance in practice

This course is delivered in Hebrew.

The formal Certificate will be in English, signed by the appropriate officer of each body and will incorporate the logo of each organisation.

Employees in the field of compliance or those who wish to acquire the knowledge, including:

  • Compliance officers and internal enforcement program supervisors
  • Consultants in the fields of compliance
  • Lawyers dealing in the commercial and regulatory field

Those who wish to acquire a profession with international recognition

  • 14 sessions of 3.5 each, partially online (zoom) and partially live sessions
  • 52 academic hours

6,552 NIS

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