Membership Journey

Certification levels


This level of membership is the ICA's entry level membership grade:

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Associate (AICA)

This level of membership is open to holders of ICA Advanced Certificate* level awards:

  • for those who wish to be part of a professional like-minded community;
  • for those who have a commitment to excellence and personal and professional development; 
  • for those who demonstrate adherence to the ICA professional Code of Conduct.

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Qualified levels

For compliance professionals who have demonstrated the highest level of competence by completing professional level qualifications or meeting the stringent experiential entry route requirements. 

Professional Member (MICA)

 This level of membership is:    

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Fellow Member (FICA)

This level of membership is:

  • for those who have completed an ICA Professional Postgraduate Diploma qualification;***
  • for those who have been a Professional Member (MICA) for five consecutive years and have circa 10 years of practical experience at a senior level. 
  • for those who qualify for the experiential Fellow route****

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If you're unsure which level of  membership is appropriate for you, please contact us at


*      Also includes Certification courses in Malaysia
**    Also includes Advanced Certificate courses in Malaysia
***  Also includes Graduate qualifications in Singapore and Certified Professional qualifications in Malaysia
****For further information and enquiries on applying via this route,
        please email and request details of the experiential Fellow route to FICA. 

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Membership Levels

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Fellow Level

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Download the ICA Membership brochure here
Download the ICA Membership brochure here

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