In celebration of our 20th anniversary year, we are delighted to be hosting the inaugural ICA Fellows’ Night in Malaysia.

Join us for a fireside chat along with dinner and drinks on 23 November 2022, 7:00pm at Rama V.

Fireside Chat: ESG and Climate Change, The Relationship

The financial sector is one of the most important components in the battle against climate change and there is a shift in corporate mindset now. Today, we will talk about some of the efforts made in the banking sector in support of ESG. Hear from the expert who will share the very real impact of failing to align to this worldwide effort.

The upcoming ICA Fellows' Night Malaysia is on: 

23 November 2022
7.00pm - 9.00pm (MYT)
(Registration from 6.30pm)

Rama V Fine Thai Cuisine


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Fellows' Night Details

6:30pm - Arrival of Guests

7:00pm - Welcome Speech by Sandhya Vijian, Business Development Director, ICTM

7:10pm – Fireside Chat with Ahila Ganesan

7:30pm – Dinner is served

8:00pm – End of fireside chat

8:30pm – Networking and drinks

9:00pm - End of event

ESG and Climate Change, The Relationship

ESG (Environment, Social Responsibility and Governance), is the term now used to address all non- financial factors that may impact an organisation’s ability to grow and see profit in the long term. Environmental issues such as ocean pollution, climate change, and wildlife preservation are a few examples of topics included in ESG discussions around the globe. In these discussions, climate change makes one third of the threat. The extent of its impact is one of all humanity and lifeforms on earth as we know it.

There are many risks associated with climate change to a business. Organisations now see a real benefit in practicing good governance on environmental and social responsibility as an opportunity for future growth. Investing in sustainable energy sources, increasing recycling efforts, and even reducing the environmental impact of their material suppliers should be included in a business’s long-term plans.

The financial sector worldwide is pledging trillions in assets to reduce their carbon emissions. The financial sector is one of the most important components in this battle against climate change as we are the ones who could provide cheap and varied financing for green energy producers. There is a shift in corporate mindset now, and banks are catching up. Today, we will talk about some of the efforts made in the banking sector in support of ESG and hear from an expert who will share the very real impact of failing to align to this worldwide effort.

RAMA V Fine Thai Cuisine
No. 5, Jalan U-Thant, Kuala Lumpur


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Our Speakers

Ahila Ganesan

Ahila has over 20 years of corporate experience including helming the regional profit & loss for prominent property developers in Malaysia. Her vast expertise includes strategic planning, business strategy and development, project management and marketing strategy for projects with multi-billion-ringgit gross development value. She is an ESG advocate and certified sustainability professional who is proud of her contributions towards sustainable urbanism in her recent projects.

She is a regular speaker at national and international forums. Through her active networking in the international ESG arena, she was invited to serve as a Special Advisor to ESG Foundation, a global entity located in London. Key deliverables include practical tools for governance gap analysis for Corporate Boards and maturity self-assessments for business organisations to address challenges due to the increasing focus on ESG. Other focus areas include working with universities, international governments and businesses to promote the ESG agenda. She is also the Founder of Future LinQ, which focuses on connecting sustainability and ESG to strategy for organisations.

Pekka Dare

Pekka has oversight of the delivery and development of ICA programmes worldwide. His role involves management of the ICA Training Faculty, where he has developed a world-class faculty that delivers best-in-class training and education programmes across a range of jurisdictions.

His other responsibilities include managing the ICA Research and Development Team, which creates new and innovative programmes to respond to emerging regulatory and industry issues.

He continues to deliver engaging and innovative training himself and is regularly asked to lead training personally by clients. He acts in an ambassadorial role for ICA, speaking at industry events and providing insight into emerging best practice and regulatory trends in respect of anti-money laundering (AML), financial crime prevention (FCP) and governance, risk and compliance (GRC) issues. Pekka is also chairman of the Money Laundering Officer’s Discussion Group (MLODG), a body that shares best practices amongst practitioners.

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