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ICA certificates are the building blocks of regulatory and financial crime compliance knowledge. They provide awareness of key areas of risk and provide you with actionable and practical understandingThey are ideal for those looking for introductory-level knowledge and are a great stepping stone to study at a higher level. 


We also offer a number of Specialist Certificates that explore niche areas of risk in more depth. These courses are suitable for anyone who has a desire to learn more, whether you’re already working in the field or are a new entrant. 


Why should you study for an ICA Certificate? 

  • Gain a solid understanding of compliance, AMLfinancial crime prevention, CDD or sanctions risk OR explore more specialist areas to boost your niche knowledge  

  • Learn practical skills and bring confidence to your role 

  • An affordable and accessible learning experience, completed online in 1-3 months, that leads to the award of an ICA designation

  • Take advantage of ICA member benefits throughout the duration of your course and become part of a global compliance community 


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Our core subjects (we consider these the building blocks of core regulatory and financial crime compliance knowledge) include:


Our specialist certificates

If you’re keen to expand your professional horizons or looking to learn more about risk in specific areas or sectors, you can choose from the following specialist certificates.

These are designed for those wanting detailed yet accessible knowledge in niche areas:



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