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    28 September 2018

    The creeping legalisation of cannabis: compliance lessons from the US ”green rush”

    Inconsistent laws, political tension and ambiguous banking regulation. What next?....More

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    22 September 2017

    New York: Leading the fight against crime

    New York has been capturing the imagination and the attention of the world for well over 100 years. It’s a city like no other; its intoxicating pull is felt by both residents and non-residents alike. It has also long been a source of inspiration for those looking to fight crime: in the Superhero world, Marvel’s Spiderman, The Avengers and The Defenders all call New York home. Some people believe that Metropolis and Gotham, home to Superman and Batman, are also based on New York.....More

    Words by Simone Jones

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    25 June 2015

    Digitisation, Trust and Regulation

    I attended the BBA conference last week in London, it was a pretty long day but well worth the effort. There’s some exciting changes facing the banking sector over the next few years and many of these were discussed at the event. The three areas highlighted as being the key challenges for the sector include:....More

    Words by Jason Morris

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    9 February 2015

    Getting regulation right: a universal challenge

    Financial regulation has received so much mainstream attention in the recent past that it’s easy to forget that criticisms of “toothless regulators” or of the “glacial pace of regulatory change” are universal, and that the need for improved regulation and compliance expertise cuts across many sectors of the economy. The most recent example comes from the world of groceries retailing.....More

    Words by James Thomas

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    28 January 2015

    Blacklists, PEPs, corruption and regulation. How is 2015 looking so far?

    January 15th saw a round of face to face meetings for jurisdictions found to be lacking in the last FATF plenary, with the APG ML in Sydney....More

    Words by Helen O'Gorman

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    17 April 2014

    Regulation… the need for speed?

    High Frequency Trading (HFT) has been attracting considerable attention this month following the publication of “Flash Boys”, in which bond salesman turned financial writer Michael Lewis suggests that “US stock markets are now rigged by traders who go to astonishing lengths to gain a millisecond edge over their rivals”. With the book’s publication coming just days before the European Parliament voted to adopt HFT regulations under Mifid, the topic of HFT has been generating headlines on both sides of the pond.....More

    Words by James Thomas

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    27 June 2012

    Mansion House speeches - a surprise, a little gloom and doom and some confusion

    As always there were many interesting points to come out of the UK Chancellor's annual Mansion House speech this year, along with some very bad jokes. But one announcement might well have a significant impact upon the future of regulation in the UK.....More

    Words by Jonathan Bowdler


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