Top 4 e-books our members have enjoyed in 2022

Written by International Compliance Association on Friday December 16, 2022

1. The Future of KYC


Know your customer (KYC) controls, including customer due diligence (CDD), remain fundamental steps in identifying a customer’s identity, and assessing their inherent level of risk.

This e-book The Future of KYC considers the technological, societal and regulatory developments that are making their presence felt in the KYC space. It considers a number of tools that compliance professionals can use to protect themselves and their firm, as well as practical steps like the triangulation of sources, biometric identification and exploiting technology to their own advantage.

It also questions the traditional story told of compliance, and explores a different narrative that will help compliance professionals view KYC and CDD in a new light. Key case studies are also unpacked as a means of understanding where firms can go wrong.

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2. Virtual Assets: Managing the Regulatory and Financial Crime Compliance Risks


Given the speed at which new uses of blockchain technology are being developed, and the rate at which the market for virtual assets (VAs) is expanding and evolving, it comes as no surprise that the regulation of VAs remains fragmented at a global level. 

From a compliance and financial crime prevention perspective this creates significant challenges, both for new market entrants and traditional financial service providers.  

ICA’s latest report, entitled ‘Virtual Assets: Managing the Regulatory and Financial Crime Compliance Risks’, provides a range of expert insight and analysis on virtual assets and their associated regulatory and financial crime compliance risks.  

The report considers the thrilling new opportunities that the virtual asset space has opened up, as well as the risks deriving from criminal exploitation and a lack of regulatory oversight in this burgeoning area.

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3. Managing Risk More Effectively Through Intelligent Automation

Download this e-book to learn the way forward of bridging the current knowledge gap and how to equip compliance teams with the automation tools they need to be fully prepared. 

In this e-book you will also get access to these six important case studies: 

  • African bank meets critical compliance deadline 
  • Global bank investigates anti-money laundering alerts 
  • Middle Eastern bank reduces fraud with fully automated account profiling 
  • British bank automates fraud handling, saving time and limiting customer risk 
  • Regional bank manages bounced customer payments more fairly and consistently 
  • European bank keeps customers happy during onboarding process 

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4. ESG perspectives: implications for compliance professionals


Environmental, social and governance (ESG) is a broad topic formed of diverse and often fascinating issues. We are therefore pleased to present this unmissable collection of perspectives on ESG from compliance professionals all over the world.

This report reveals why ESG is so important and unpacks how firms can harness its potential while examining the pitfalls of neglecting it.

At its heart, ESG is about openness, transparency, responsibility and doing the right thing. It is also about ensuring a firm is in the best possible position going forward.

All of these factors should strike a chord with anyone looking to steer a business in the right direction.

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