Managing modern data sources to drive compliance

Written by International Compliance Association on Thursday October 1, 2020

Compliance finds itself in a contradictory position. Never have more resources, tools and assistance been placed at the disposal of the compliance professional on which they can draw to do their job effectively. And yet the amount of information compliance is required to capture, monitor and assess has grown to previously unknown heights, with the demands placed on compliance teams perhaps more intense than at any previous juncture.

Adding to this challenge are the new economic realities of living with COVID-19. Organisations large and small are feeling the pinch of reduced financial resources, with firms expecting more from less. The pandemic has also heralded an enormous migration of people online, with the Internet now their sole platform through which business, communication and leisure are conducted.

As remote work suddenly became commonplace during COVID-19, an existing information challenge was greatly magnified: how to record online data sources that are difficult to monitor and manage. This whitepaper offers a Governance Lifecycle Model that can aid firms in capturing online records with greater ease and more efficiency.

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