How brain science helps us to understand key influences on ethical behaviour [Podcast]

Written by Penny Milner-Smyth on Friday March 27, 2020

Our regular #BigCompConvo webinar presenter and author of the ICA Specialist Certificate in Anti-Corruption, Penny MIlner-Smyth, is the featured guest on the Great Women in Compliance (GWIC) podcast released on Wednesday 18 March 2020. 

Penny spoke with Mary Shirley from the GWIC podcast about the role of brain science in helping us to understand key influences on ethical behaviour, and how we can use this evidence to make our compliance programmes more effective. They discuss the concept of psychological safety – why it’s important to organisations and how we as compliance specialists can take a role in increasing psychological safety with the aim of fostering a speak-up culture.

Mary canvases Penny's insights into whether people are ever easily compartmentalised into the categories of good and bad and they identify factors that often exist when good people to do bad things.  Hint – these are all items that decrease a culture of psychological safety!

Regular participants in the #BigCompConvo who have heard Penny talk on these behavioural compliance related subjects have found them to be highly relevant to our profession.

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