How to make the most of your ICA qualification

Written by International Compliance Association on Friday August 2, 2019

So, you’ve finished your ICA qualification - what next?

Upon completion of an ICA qualification, you may find yourself wondering what comes next and how you can make the most of your new qualification. Here we discuss the nine key steps to maximise the potential for professional success that your ICA qualification offers.

Embrace and be proud

First and foremost, you must embrace and be proud of your new ICA qualification and the hard work and effort exercised to secure it. An ICA qualification offers you the knowledge and recognition to excel within your relevant field. However, it is only through your own actions and initiative that the benefits of your qualification can come to fruition.

Endeavour not only to apply your new-found knowledge, but to engage with the new skills and passions that your learning journey has developed. Embrace the reputation of your qualification and be proud of the professional recognition that will come with it. Employers and colleagues will recognise the prestige of your ICA qualification, so hold confidence within your own professional capabilities and seize the opportunities that come your way. 

Update your CV

Though an ICA qualification may primarily bring professional and intellectual enrichment, it also offers a certified and reputable signature, which can give you the edge within a fiercely competitive sector.

Updating your professional portfolio, with the stamp of excellence that an ICA qualification represents, demonstrates not only your affiliation with one of the sector’s leading compliance communities, but your own willingness to invest in your personal development.

A specialist ICA qualification therefore serves as a unique and eye-catching addition to your CV and could be the difference in securing a new role or clinching that much deserved promotion.

Update LinkedIn

Your LinkedIn profile is the main social platform through which professional suitors and fellow financial colleagues can view your professional portrait and achievements – so what better way to advertise the completion of an ICA qualification than by detailing it through your profile?

Inclusion of your ICA qualification within your profile will give you the edge over fellow financial professionals, which is particularly vital when it comes to job hunting.

Your hard work and intellectual endeavour, on the road to the completion of your ICA qualification, deserve to be known and promotion on a social platform like LinkedIn serves as the perfect opportunity to advertise your achievement.

Share with your professional network

Completion of an ICA qualification is not something you should be keeping to yourself, so share your success with your fellow professionals, across your network.

Sharing your ICA learning experiences will demonstrate your commitment to your field, while also detailing your newly developed expertise.

Use the hashtag #ICAqualified, to share your learning experience across social platforms, enabling you to keep your network prompted on your new qualification and engage with fellow graduates.

Ask yourself – where do you want your ICA qualification to take you?

In spite of the professional skills and specialist knowledge an ICA qualification will leave you with, it lies within your own jurisdiction to ensure your qualification takes you where you want to go.

Upon completion of your ICA qualification, you should ask yourself where you want it to take you and set appropriate short and long-term goals. An ICA qualification will not transform your professional fortune overnight.

However, it does provide you with the mandate to seize control of your career’s trajectory. Thus, welcome the empowerment your ICA qualification grants and begin to mould your career in the manner you envisage.

Upgrade your ICA membership

Upon completing your ICA qualification, you may be eligible to upgrade your membership. Each membership level offers varying benefits and so upgrading will welcome new opportunities and supplements to your professional career and progression.

Therefore, by upgrading you unlock advanced membership benefits and thus broaden the potential for ICA to improve your career prospects.

What does it mean to be Professional Member of ICA?

Utilise your designation

Upon completing your ICA qualification, you will be permitted to use the relevant qualification designation. Using your qualification’s designation is a great opportunity to advertise your qualification and easily outline your recognised expertise.

Advertising the attainment of your qualification is vital in experiencing the benefits that an ICA qualification can bring and so use of the relevant designation is paramount in realising these benefits.

Join the ICA community

The completion of an ICA qualification doesn’t have to be the end of your learning journey with us. Completing an ICA qualification grants you the privilege of being part of a prestigious professional community and remaining an ICA member will enable you to continue your professional development with us.

Not only will this open new opportunity to engage with fellow professionals, it will also ensure you are provided with the resources required to maintain a level of excellence within your field.

The ICA community serves as a committed and passionate platform, to ensure members can keep pace with the constantly evolving financial and regulatory sector, thus pushing members to the forefront of their respective fields.

Leave a trust pilot review

So those were the key steps as to how you can make the most of your ICA qualification and encourage your own professional good fortune. But you can also help us, by leaving a trust pilot review and providing vital feedback on your learning experience.

Within the ICA community, we value the voice of our students unequivocally, serving as the key insight into the service we provide.

Thus, by providing feedback on your experience, you allow us to ensure we maintain excellence in our educational provision, as well as offering insight in how we can innovate and develop our services.

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