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Friday FAQs -Where can I find past exam papers or questions to test my knowledge?

Written by Lily Harwood-Millar on Tuesday May 9, 2017

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Where can I find past exam papers or questions to test my knowledge?

If you log into learning platform, you will find that there are Self Assessment Questions for each Unit that you study. In the Revision Section you will also find a past paper and examination reports for previous exams which will provide guidance on approaching exams.

What is the marking timeframe for assignments, when can I expect to get my results?

The assignment marking timeframe is seven weeks and ten weeks for the final assignment. 

Can you recommend where I can find start looking for jobs once I have an ICA qualification?

The ICA website has a job zone http://www.int-comp.org/careers/job-zone/ or you could look at http://www.complinet.com/recruitment


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