Why join a professional association?

Written by Jennifer Trenery on Monday August 28, 2017

Joining a professional organisation is a must for those keen to develop their career prospects and enhance their professional capabilities. Most professions will have a professional organisation that can be joined, and in any walk of life these bodies are seen as a commitment to your career, and a benchmark of excellence.

An association, much like ICA, can help you realise your professional capabilities – but it can also help you think about your career in a completely different way. Working alongside like-minded professionals means that you are challenged, encouraged and respected.

Joining a professional organisation will help you realise professional goals. Here’s how:

1. Countless networking opportunities

Professional relationships are as important as your personal ones, and joining an association that allows you to meet people in a similar profession can be a huge benefit. A supportive, encouraging environment means that you are more likely to feel energised to achieve your professional goals. Professional organisations often have events running throughout the year, on a variety of subjects. These can be on hot topics within your chosen sector, careers fairs, best practice initiatives and new regulatory changes. Fundamentally, these events create opportunities to meet peers so that you can sound-board new ideas, and learn from those who have a wealth of experience. For those in junior positions, networking allows for you to learn a great deal from more experienced mentors, who often enjoy giving back to their professional community. The cohesive nature of a networking event is a strong part of its appeal.

2. Career development

It goes without saying that becoming part of a professional body is imperative for CPD. In fact, you can earn CPD points from articles, events and webinars. CPD is often considered to be the benchmark that many aspire to measure themselves by.

3. Become an expert in your field

Joining a professional organisation doesn’t automatically make you an expert in your field; it’s your involvement in various events, seminars and active CPD participation that enables you to absorb knowledge, and through this become more practised and knowledgeable in your specific area.

4. Stay one step ahead

Legislation and regulation have the power to significantly impact your role, and being part of a professional body means that you get to stay one step ahead of the changes that affect you and your firm. A professional body ensures that you are equipped with the right knowledge and expertise to complete your role with confidence, while operating within the parameters of best practice. Hot topic sessions can also prove to be an excellent tool in your professional arsenal when it comes to staying ahead of the curve.


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