Alon Kohalny, Adv,

Founder and Chairman of the Israeli compliance association

Alon is highly active in establishing the field of compliance as a profession; he is the founder and chairman of the Israeli compliance association, the main author of the professional standards for compliance professionals in Israel and is also chair of the Israeli Bar’s Committee for Compliance and Administrative Enforcement.

He is the owner of a law office, a lecturer at Haifa University, a consultant to the Israeli Ministry of Justice on the private investigators and securities services board and a prolific writer (author of a book on risk management and audit, as well as many articles on law, compliance, risk management, control, and audit).

Alon is also actively involved in the field of internal audit; he is currently editor-in-chief of the Israeli ‘Audit in Local Government’ journal and served for many years as a member of the professional council in the Israeli Institute of Internal Auditors.