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There is considerable variation within and across pay scales for compliance and compliance related roles. Salaries tend to focus on the skill sets required for a role, rather than being defined by the job title. Therefore, no two compliance officer roles are likely to be established on the same pay scale. Other factors involved in the scaling of pay include, but not exclusively: whether the job is for a large organisation or an SME; in a capital city or outside a major city; whether it is directly for a financial services firm or for a related sector such as law.

Pay Scale (US$)



Job titles



Strategic global/regional/national leadership in establishing an adequate financial crime oversight framework, being  the sole interface for Financial Crime Compliance within the countries under management, including: anti-money laundering (AML), sanctions, counter terrorist financing (CTF) and anti-bribery and corruption (ABC) across the relevant sites across the entire organisation building relationships with key international/regional bodies.

Wide and international financial crime compliance experience with very sound knowledge of relevant laws and regulations; significant leadership, management, communication and negotiation skills. Expert level understanding of the transnational regulatory picture in financial services, the person needs to be driven by a highly ethical approach: forward-looking, strategic thinking, willing to take responsibility, and be held accountable, for the company’s financial crime compliance.

Director of financial crime risk, global/regional head of financial crime compliance, head of group operations financial crime advisory, head of internal financial crime intelligence unit (FCIU) 


$120 - 230,000

Leading a team as an expert/specialist practitioner in a senior management position and playing a key role in delivering fraud & financial crime strategy and influencing roles carrying out oversight of specific FCC function(s).

High-level strategic management and leadership: playing a key role in delivering fraud and financial crime strategy, developing relationships and negotiation with board, senior officers and regulators. Supporting ad hoc projects related to financial compliance risk and responding to various internal and external requests.

Head of financial crime, senior data protection manager, financial crime director, regulatory director, financial crime solutions director, director of propositions – financial crime risk.


$59 – 140,000


A specialist management function, performing analysis, evaluation and interpretation of complex data, review of fraud prevention systems, rules and analysis to protect the business and customers from the risk of financial crime. Responsibility for implementation and monitoring of financial crime-related policies, procedures, and processes.

Strong possession of, and ability to apply, specialist all-round FCC knowledge as part of risk management. Leading, monitoring and testing major programmes, taking a proactive approach, anticipating events. Ability to communicate effectively at all levels and negotiate with diplomacy, apply a strong teamwork ethic, excellent oral and written skills, highly developed analytical skills for both qualitative and quantitative data as they relate to products and services.

Financial crime manager, fraud prevention manager, sanctions manager, financial crime risk and conformance manager, senior financial crime advisory.

$38 – 80,000

Evaluation and analysis of client data, transaction data, etc. against PEP, sanctions, KYC, CDD.
Administration of compliance monitoring and ensuring that key financial crime risks are identified, adequately controlled and reported. This might involve undertaking investigations into internal suspicious transactions reports for more experienced employees. More junior roles will carry out routine, familiar and predictable work.

Ability to work methodically and independently, strong organisational skills to lead projects following tight deadlines, provide accurate financial crime risk assessment, report and present assessments in a clear and succinct manner. Excellent oral and written communication skills, ability to work efficiently and accurately under pressure, good knowledge and understanding across Sanctions, financial fraud risk, Corruption and Bribery legislations, etc., and strong team ethos.

Financial crime officer, compliance financial crime assistant, fraud and financial crime officer, associate financial crime specialist.

Up to $50,000*




*For exceptional individuals


Entry-level roles involving the administration of financial crime compliance. Processes and procedures generally involve carrying out routine, familiar and predictable work.


Ability to develop knowledge and understanding of compliance and risk management matters relating to products and services. Demonstrate an ability to acquire skills needed to perform compliance roles at a higher level, such as independent and team working, engagement with ethical concerns and so forth.

Trainee financial crime assistant, trainee compliance analyst, junior financial crime administrator.

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